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+pandoc (1.17.3)
+ * Textile reader:
+ + Support `bc..` extended code blocks (#3037). Also, remove trailing
+ newline in code blocks (consistently with Markdown reader).
+ + Improve table parsing. We now handle cell and row attributes, mostly
+ by skipping them. However, alignments are now handled properly.
+ Since in pandoc alignment is per-column, not per-cell, we
+ try to devine column alignments from cell alignments.
+ Table captions are also now parsed, and textile indicators
+ for thead and tfoot no longer cause parse failure. (However,
+ a row designated as tfoot will just be a regular row in pandoc.)
+ + Improve definition list parsing. We now allow multiple terms
+ (which we concatenate with linebreaks). An exponential parsing
+ bug (#3020) is also fixed.
+ + Disallow empty URL in explicit link (#3036).
+ * RST reader:
+ + Use Div instead of BlockQuote for admonitions (#3031).
+ The Div has class `admonition` and (if relevant) one of the
+ following: `attention`, `caution`, `danger`, `error`, `hint`,
+ `important`, `note`, `tip`, `warning`. **Note:** This will change
+ the rendering of some RST documents! The word ("Warning", "Attention",
+ etc.) is no longer added; that must be done with CSS or a filter.
+ + A Div is now used for `sidebar` as well.
+ * LaTeX reader:
+ + More robust parsing of unknown environments (#3026).
+ We no longer fail on things like `^` inside options for tikz.
+ + Be more forgiving of non-standard characters, e.g. `^` outside of math.
+ Some custom environments give these a meaning, so we should try not to
+ fall over when we encounter them.
+ + Drop duplicate `*` in bibtexKeyChars (Albert Krewinkel)
+ * MediaWiki reader:
+ + Fix for unquoted attribute values in mediawiki tables (#3053).
+ Previously an unquoted attribute value in a table row
+ could cause parsing problems.
+ + Improved treatment of verbatim constructions (#3055).
+ Previously these yielded strings of alternating Code and Space
+ elements; we now incorporate the spaces into the Code. Emphasis
+ etc. is still possible inside these.
+ + Properly interpret XML tags in pre environments (#3042). They are meant
+ to be interpreted as literal text.
+ * Org reader (Albert Krewinkel):
+ + Preserve indentation of verse lines (#3064). Leading spaces in verse
+ lines are converted to non-breaking spaces, so indentation is preserved.
+ + Ensure image sources are proper links. Image sources as those in plain
+ images, image links, or figures, must be proper URIs or relative file
+ paths to be recognized as images. This restriction is now enforced
+ for all image sources. This also fixes the reader's usage of uncleaned
+ image sources, leading to `file:` prefixes not being deleted from figure
+ images. Thanks to @bsag for noticing this bug.
+ + Extract meta parsing code to module. Parsing of meta-data is well
+ separable from other block parsing tasks. Moving into new module to get
+ small files and clearly arranged code.
+ + Read markup only for special meta keys. Most meta-keys should be read
+ as normal string values, only a few are interpreted as marked-up text.
+ + Allow multiple, comma-separated authors. Multiple authors can be specified
+ in the `#+AUTHOR` meta line if they are given as a comma-separated list.
+ + Give precedence to later meta lines. The last meta-line of any given type
+ is the significant line. Previously the value of the first line was kept,
+ even if more lines of the same type were encounterd.
+ + Read LaTeX_header as header-includes. LaTeX-specific header commands
+ can be defined in `#+LaTeX_header` lines. They are parsed as
+ format-specific inlines to ensure that they will only show up in LaTeX
+ output.
+ + Set documentclass meta from LaTeX_class.
+ + Set classoption meta from LaTeX_class_options.
+ + Read HTML_head as header-includes. HTML-specific head content can be
+ defined in `#+HTML_head` lines. They are parsed as format-specific
+ inlines to ensure that they will only show up in HTML output.
+ + Respect `author` export option. The `author` option controls whether the
+ author should be included in the final markup. Setting
+ `#+OPTIONS: author:nil` will drop the author from the final meta-data
+ output.
+ + Respect `email` export option. The `email` option controls whether the
+ email meta-field should be included in the final markup. Setting
+ `#+OPTIONS: email:nil` will drop the email field from the final meta-data
+ output.
+ + Respect `creator` export option. The `creator` option controls whether
+ the creator meta-field should be included in the final markup. Setting
+ `#+OPTIONS: creator:nil` will drop the creator field from the final
+ meta-data output. Org-mode recognizes the special value `comment` for
+ this field, causing the creator to be included in a comment. This is
+ difficult to translate to Pandoc internals and is hence interpreted the
+ same as other truish values (i.e. the meta field is kept if it's present).
+ + Respect unnumbered header property (#3095). Sections the `unnumbered`
+ property should, as the name implies, be excluded from the automatic
+ numbering of section provided by some output formats. The Pandoc
+ convention for this is to add an "unnumbered" class to the header. The
+ reader treats properties as key-value pairs per default, so a special
+ case is added to translate the above property to a class instead.
+ * Docx reader:
+ + Use XML convenience functions (Jesse Rosenthal).
+ The functions `isElem` and `elemName` (defined in Docx/Util.hs) make the
+ code a lot cleaner than the original XML.Light functions, but they had
+ been used inconsistently. This puts them in wherever applicable.
+ + Handle anchor spans with content in headers. Previously, we would only
+ be able to figure out internal links to a header in a docx if the anchor
+ span was empty. We change that to read the inlines out of the first
+ anchor span in a header.
+ + Let headers use exisiting id. Previously we always generated an id for
+ headers (since they wouldn't bring one from Docx). Now we let it use an
+ existing one if possible. This should allow us to recurs through anchor
+ spans.
+ + Use all anchor spans for header ids. Previously we only used the first
+ anchor span to affect header ids. This allows us to use all the anchor
+ spans in a header, whether they're nested or not (#3088).
+ + Test for nested anchor spans in header. This ensures that anchor spans
+ in header with content (or with other anchor spans inside) will resolve
+ to links to a header id properly.
+ * DocBook writer:
+ + Include an anchor element when a div or span has an id (#3102).
+ Note that DocBook does not have a class attribute, but at least this
+ provides an anchor for internal links.
+ * LaTeX writer:
+ + Don't use * for unnumbered paragraph, subparagraph. The starred variants
+ don't exist. This helps with part of gets rid of the spurious
+ `*`s. But we still have numbers on the 4th and 5th level headers.
+ + Properly escape backticks in verbatim (#3121, Jesse Rosenthal).
+ Otherwise they can cause unintended ligatures like `` ?` ``.
+ + Handle NARRAOW NO-BREAK SPACE into LaTeX (Vaclav Zeman) as `\,`.
+ * Text.Pandoc.Error: Fix out of index error in `handleError`
+ (Matthew Pickering). The fix is to not try to show the exact line when it
+ would cause an out-of-bounds error as a result of included files.
+ * Man writer:
+ + Allow section numbers that are not a single digit (#3089).
+ * Docx Writer:
+ + Implement user-defined styles (Jesse Rosenthal). Divs and Spans
+ with a `custom-style` key in the attributes will apply the corresponding
+ key to the contained blocks or inlines.
+ * Org writer (Albert Krewinkel):
+ + Remove blank line after figure caption. Org-mode only treats an image
+ as a figure if it is directly preceded by a caption.
+ + Ensure blank line after figure. An Org-mode figure should be surrounded
+ by blank lines. The figure would be recognized regardless, but images
+ in the following line would unintentionally be treated as figures as
+ well.
+ + Ensure link targets are paths or URLs. Org-mode treats links as
+ document internal searches unless the link target looks like a URL or
+ file path, either relative or absolute. This change ensures that this
+ is always the case.
+ + Translate language identifiers. Pandoc and Org-mode use different
+ programming language identifiers. An additional translation between
+ those identifiers is added to avoid unexpected behavior. This fixes a
+ problem where language specific source code would sometimes be output
+ as example code.
+ * Beamer template:
+ + Restore whitespace between paragraphs. This was
+ a regression in the last release (jgm/pandoc-templates#207).
+ + Added `themeoptions` variable (Carsten Gips).
+ + Added `beamerarticle` variable. This causes the `beamerarticle`
+ package to be loaded in beamer, to produce an article from beamer slides.
+ (Carsten Gips)
+ * LaTeX template: Added dummy definition for `\institute`.
+ This isn't a standard command, and we want to avoid a crash when
+ `institute` is used with the default template.
+ * Text.Pandoc.PDF: Don't crash with nonexistent image (#3100). Instead,
+ emit the alt text, emphasized. This accords with what the ODT writer
+ currently does. The user will still get a warning about a nonexistent
+ image.
+ * Tell where to get tarball in INSTALL (#3062).
+ * Rename README to MANUAL.txt and add GitHub-friendly
+ (Albert Krewinkel).
+ * MANUAL.txt:
+ + Put note on structured vars in separate paragraph (#2148, Albert
+ Krewinkel). Make it clearer that structured author variables require a
+ custom template
+ + Note that `--katex` works best with `html5` (#3077).
+ + Fix the LaTeX and EPUB links in manual (Morton Fox).
+ * Improve spacing of footnotes in `--help` output (Waldir Pimenta).
+ * Allow aeson 1.0.*.
+ * Use texmath (#3040).
+ * Remove support for GHC < 7.8 (Jesse Rosenthal).
+ + Remove Compat.Monoid.
+ + Remove an inline monad compatibility macro.
+ + Remove Text.Pandoc.Compat.Except.
+ + Remove directory compat.
+ + Change constraint on mtl.
+ + Remove unnecessary CPP condition in UTF8.
+ + Bump base lower bound to 4.7.
+ + Remove 7.6 build from .travis.yaml.
+ + Bump supported ghc version in
+ + Add note about GHC version support to INSTALL.
+ + Remove GHC 7.6 from list of tested versions (Albert Krewinkel).
+ + Remove TagSoup compat.
+ + Add EOL note to time compat module. Because time 1.4 is a boot library
+ for GHC 7.8, we will support the compatibility module as long as we
+ support 7.8. But we should be clear about when we will no longer need it.
+ + Remove blaze-html CPP conditional.
+ + Remove http-client CPP conditionals.
+ + Remove unnecessary CPP in custom Prelude.
pandoc (1.17.2)
* Added Zim Wiki writer, template and tests. `zimwiki` is now