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+pandoc (1.17.2)
+ * Added Zim Wiki writer, template and tests. `zimwiki` is now
+ a valid output format. (Alex Ivkin)
+ * Changed email-obfuscation default to no obfuscation (#2988).
+ + `writerEmailObfuscation` in `defaultWriterOptions` is now
+ `NoObfuscation`.
+ + the default for the command-line `--email-obfuscation` option is
+ now `none`.
+ * Docbook writer: Declare xlink namespace in Docbook5 output (Ivo Clarysse).
+ * Org writer:
+ + Support arbitrary raw inlines (Albert Krewinkel).
+ Org mode allows arbitrary raw inlines ("export snippets" in Emacs
+ parlance) to be included as `@@format:raw foreign format text@@`.
+ + Improve Div handling (Albert Krewinkel). Div blocks handling is
+ changed to make the output look more like idiomatic org mode:
+ - Div-wrapped content is output as-is if the div's attribute is the
+ null attribute.
+ - Div containers with an id but neither classes nor key-value pairs
+ are unwrapped and the id is added as an anchor.
+ - Divs with classes associated with greater block elements are
+ wrapped in a `#+BEGIN`...`#+END` block.
+ - The old behavior for Divs with more complex attributes is kept.
+ * HTML writer: Better support for raw LaTeX environments (#2758).
+ Previously we just passed all raw TeX through when MathJax
+ was used for HTML math. This passed through too much.
+ With this patch, only raw LaTeX environments that MathJax
+ can handle get passed through.
+ This patch also causes raw LaTeX environments to be treated
+ as math, when possible, with MathML and WebTeX output.
+ * Markdown writer: use raw HTML for simple, pipe tables with linebreaks
+ (#2993). Markdown line breaks involve a newline, and simple and pipe
+ tables can't contain one.
+ * Make --webtex work with the Markdown writer (#1177).
+ This is a convenient option for people using
+ websites whose Markdown flavors don't provide for math.
+ * Docx writer:
+ + Set paragraph to FirstPara after display math (Jesse Rosenthal).
+ We treat display math like block quotes, and apply FirstParagraph style
+ to paragraphs that follow them. These can be styled as the user
+ wishes. (But, when the user is using indentation, this allows for
+ paragraphs to continue after display math without indentation.)
+ + Use actual creation time as doc prop (Jesse Rosenthal).
+ Previously, we had used the user-supplied date, if available, for Word's
+ document creation metadata. This could lead to weird results, as in
+ cases where the user post-dates a document (so the modification might be
+ prior to the creation). Here we use the actual computer time to set the
+ document creation.
+ * LaTeX writer:
+ + Don't URI-escape image source (#2825). Usually this is a local file,
+ and replacing spaces with `%20` ruins things.
+ + Allow 'standout' as a beamer frame option (#3007).
+ `## Slide title {.standout}`.
+ * RST reader: Fixed links with no explicit link text. The link
+ `` `<foo>`_ `` should have `foo` as both its link text and its URL.
+ See RST spec at <>
+ Closes Debian #828167 -- reported by Christian Heller.
+ * Textile reader:
+ + Fixed attributes (#2984). Attributes can't be followed by
+ a space. So, `_(class)emph_` but `_(noclass) emph_`.
+ + Fixed exponential parsing bug (#3020).
+ + Fix overly aggressive interpretation as images (#2998).
+ Spaces are not allowed in the image URL in textile.
+ * LaTeX reader:
+ + Fix `\cite` so it is a NormalCitation not AuthorInText.
+ + Strip off double quotes around image source if present (#2825).
+ Avoids interpreting these as part of the literal filename.
+ * Org reader:
+ + Add semicolon to list of special chars (Albert Krewinkel)
+ Semicolons are used as special characters in citations syntax. This
+ ensures the correct parsing of Pandoc-style citations: `[prefix; @key;
+ suffix]`. Previously, parsing would have failed unless there was a space
+ or other special character as the last <prefix> character.
+ + Add support for "Berkeley-style" cites (Albert Krewinkel, #1978).
+ A specification for an official Org-mode citation syntax was drafted by
+ Richard Lawrence and enhanced with the help of others on the orgmode
+ mailing list. Basic support for this citation style is added to the
+ reader.
+ + Support arbitrary raw inlines (Albert Krewinkel).
+ Org mode allows arbitrary raw inlines ("export snippets" in Emacs
+ parlance) to be included as `@@format:raw foreign format text@@`.
+ + Remove partial functions (Albert Krewinkel, #2991).
+ Partial functions like `head` lead to avoidable errors and should be
+ avoided. They are replaced with total functions.
+ + Support figure labels (Albert Krewinkel, #2496, #2999).
+ Figure labels given as `#+LABEL: thelabel` are used as the ID of the
+ respective image. This allows e.g. the LaTeX to add proper `\label`
+ markup.
+ + Improve tag and properties type safety (Albert Krewinkel).
+ Specific newtype definitions are used to replace stringly typing of tags
+ and properties. Type safety is increased while readability is improved.
+ + Parse as headlines, convert to blocks (Albert Krewinkel).
+ Emacs org-mode is based on outline-mode, which treats documents as trees
+ with headlines are nodes. The reader is refactored to parse into a
+ similar tree structure. This simplifies transformations acting on
+ document (sub-)trees.
+ * Refactor comment tree handling (Albert Krewinkel).
+ Comment trees were handled after parsing, as pattern matching on lists
+ is easier than matching on sequences. The new method of reading
+ documents as trees allows for more elegant subtree removal.
+ * Support archived trees export options (Albert Krewinkel).
+ Handling of archived trees can be modified using the `arch` option.
+ Archived trees are either dropped, exported completely, or collapsed to
+ include just the header when the `arch` option is nil, non-nil, or
+ `headline`, respectively.
+ * Put export setting parser into module (Albert Krewinkel).
+ Export option parsing is distinct enough from general block parsing to
+ justify putting it into a separate module.
+ * Support headline levels export setting (Albert Krewinkel).
+ The depths of headlines can be modified using the `H` option. Deeper
+ headlines will be converted to lists.
+ * Replace ugly code with view pattern (Albert Krewinkel).
+ Some less-than-smart code required a pragma switching of overlapping
+ pattern warnings in order to compile seamlessly. Using view patterns
+ makes the code easier to read and also doesn't require overlapping
+ pattern checks to be disabled.
+ * Fix parsing of verbatim inlines (Albert Krewinkel, #3016).
+ Org rules for allowed characters before or after markup chars were not
+ checked for verbatim text. This resultet in wrong parsing outcomes of
+ if the verbatim text contained e.g. space enclosed markup characters as
+ part of the text (`=is_substr = True=`). Forcing the parser to update
+ the positions of allowed/forbidden markup border characters fixes this.
+ * LaTeX template: fix for obscure hyperref/xelatex issue.
+ Here's a minimal case:
+ \documentclass[]{article}
+ \usepackage{hyperref}
+ \begin{document}
+ \section{\%á}
+ \end{document}
+ Without this change, this fails on the second invocation of xelatex.
+ This affects inputs this like `# %á` with pdf output via xelatex.
+ * trypandoc: call results 'html' instead of 'result'.
+ This is for better compatibility with babelmark2.
+ * Document MultiMarkdown as input/output format (Albert Krewinkel, #2973).
+ MultiMarkdown was only mentioned as a supported Markdown dialect but not
+ as a possible input or output format. A brief mention is added
+ everywhere the other supported markdown dialects are mentioned.
+ * Document Org mode as a format containing raw HTML (Albert Krewinkel)
+ Raw HTML is kept when the output format is Emacs Org mode.
+ * Implement `RawInline` and `RawBlock` in sample lua custom writer (#2985).
+ * Text.Pandoc.Shared:
+ + Introduce blocksToInlines function (Jesse Rosenthal).
+ This is a lossy function for converting `[Block] -> [Inline]`. Its main
+ use, at the moment, is for docx comments, which can contain arbitrary
+ blocks (except for footnotes), but which will be converted to spans.
+ This is, at the moment, pretty useless for everything but the basic
+ `Para` and `Plain` comments. It can be improved, but the docx reader
+ should probably emit a warning if the comment contains more than this.
+ + Add BlockQuote to blocksToInlines (Jesse Rosenthal).
+ + Add further formats for `normalizeDate` (Jesse Rosenthal).
+ We want to avoid illegal dates -- in particular years with greater than
+ four digits. We attempt to parse series of digits first as `%Y%m%d`, then
+ `%Y%m`, and finally `%Y`.
+ + `normalizeDate` should reject illegal years (Jesse Rosenthal).
+ We only allow years between 1601 and 9999, inclusive. The ISO 8601
+ actually says that years are supposed to start with 1583, but MS Word
+ only allows 1601-9999. This should stop corrupted word files if the date
+ is out of that range, or is parsed incorrectly.
+ + Improve year sanity check in normalizeDate (Jesse Rosenthal).
+ Previously we parsed a list of dates, took the first one, and then
+ tested its year range. That meant that if the first one failed, we
+ returned nothing, regardless of what the others did. Now we test for
+ sanity before running `msum` over the list of Maybe values. Anything
+ failing the test will be Nothing, so will not be a candidate.
+ * Docx reader:
+ + Add simple comment functionality. (Jesse Rosenthal).
+ This adds simple track-changes comment parsing to the docx reader. It is
+ turned on with `--track-changes=all`. All comments are converted to
+ inlines, which can list some information. In the future a warning will be
+ added for comments with formatting that seems like it will be excessively
+ denatured. Note that comments can extend across blocks. For that reason
+ there are two spans: `comment-start` and `comment-end`. `comment-start`
+ will contain the comment. `comment-end` will always be empty. The two
+ will be associated by a numeric id.
+ + Enable warnings in top-level reader (Jesse Rosenthal).
+ Previously we had only allowed for warnings in the parser. Now we allow
+ for them in the `Docx.hs` as well. The warnings are simply concatenated.
+ + Add warning for advanced comment formatting. (Jesse Rosenthal).
+ We can't guarantee we'll convert every comment correctly, though we'll
+ do the best we can. This warns if the comment includes something other
+ than Para or Plain.
+ + Add tests for warnings. (Jesse Rosenthal).
+ + Add tests for comments (Jesse Rosenthal).
+ We test for comments, using all track-changes options. Note that we
+ should only output comments if `--track-changes=all`. We also test for
+ emitting warnings if there is complicated formatting.
+ * README: update to include track-changes comments. (Jesse Rosenthal)
+ * Improved Windows installer - don't ignore properties set on command-line.
+ See #2708. Needs testing to see if this resolves the issue.
+ Thanks to @nkalvi.
+ * Process markdown extensions on command line in L->R order (#2995).
+ Previously they were processed, very unintuitively, in R->L
+ order, so that `markdown-tex_math_dollars+tex_math_dollars`
+ had `tex_math_dollars` disabled.
+ * Added `secnumdepth` variable to LaTeX template (#2920).
+ * Include table of contents in README.html in Windows package.
+ * Writers: treat SoftBreak as space for stripping (Jesse Rosenthal)
+ In Writers.Shared, we strip leading and trailing spaces for display
+ math. Since SoftBreak's are treated as spaces, we should strip those
+ too.
+ * beamer, latex templates: pass biblatexoptions directly in package load.
+ This allows runtime optinos to be used. Fixes jgm/pandoc-citeproc#201
+ * CPP workaround for deprecation of `parseUrl` in http-client.
+ * Removed some redundant class constraints.
+ * - use OSX env variable.
+ * Added `winpkg` target to Makefile. This downloads the windows package
+ from appveyor and signs it using the key.
+ * Document Org mode as a format containing raw TeX (Albert Krewinkel).
+ Raw TeX is kept verbatim when the output format is Emacs Org mode.
+ * Support math with haddock-library >= 1.4.
+ * Removed `-rtsopts` from library stanza. It has no effect, and Hackage
+ wouldn't accept the package.
+ * Update library dependency versions.
pandoc (1.17.1)
* New output format: `docbook5` (Ivo Clarysse).