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[odt] Infer table's caption from the paragraph (#3224)
ODT's reader always put empty captions for the parsed tables. This commit 1) checks paragraphs that follow the table definition 2) treats specially a paragraph with a style named 'Table' 3) does some postprocessing of the paragraphs that combines tables followed immediately by captions The ODT writer used 'TableCaption' style name for the caption paragraph. This commit follows the open office approach which allows for appending captions to table but uses a built-in style named 'Table' instead of 'TableCaption'. Any users of odt format (both writer and reader) are therefore required to change the style's name to 'Table', if necessary.
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--- a/data/odt/styles.xml
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@@ -133,7 +133,7 @@ xmlns:css3t="" office:version="1.2">
style:font-style-complex="italic" />
- <style:style style:name="TableCaption" style:family="paragraph"
+ <style:style style:name="Table" style:family="paragraph"
style:parent-style-name="Caption" style:class="extra">
<style:style style:name="FigureCaption" style:family="paragraph"