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committerAlbert Krewinkel <>2017-04-30 11:28:03 +0200
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Lua module: make Header argument order consistent
Attributes are always passed as the last element, making it possible to omit this argument. Argument order for `Header` was wrong and is fixed.
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diff --git a/data/pandoc.lua b/data/pandoc.lua
index bb79724aa..bd3822514 100644
--- a/data/pandoc.lua
+++ b/data/pandoc.lua
@@ -265,12 +265,12 @@ M.Div = M.Block:create_constructor(
--- Creates a block quote element.
-- @function Header
-- @tparam int level header level
--- @tparam Attributes attributes element attributes
-- @tparam {Inline,...} content inline content
+-- @tparam Attributes attributes element attributes
-- @treturn Block header element
M.Header = M.Block:create_constructor(
- function(level, attributes, content)
+ function(level, content, attributes)
return {c = {level, attributes, content}}
{"level", {"identifier", "classes", "attributes"}, "content"}