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Update docs on filters.
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@@ -88,11 +88,10 @@ then it would be applied like this:
pandoc --lua-filter=current-date.lua -f markdown MANUAL.txt
-The `--lua-filter` can be supplied multiple times, causing the
-filters to be applied sequentially in the order they were given.
-If other, non-Lua filters are given as well (via `--filter`),
-then those are executed *after* all Lua filters have been
+The `--lua-filter` option may be supplied multiple times. Pandoc
+applies all filters (including JSON filters specified via
+`--filter` and lua filters specified via `--lua-filter`)
+in the order they appear on the command line.
Pandoc expects each lua file to return a list of filters. The
filters in that list are called sequentially, each on the result