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Added 'hsmarkdown' wrapper, designed to be used as a drop-in
replacement for It calls pandoc with the options '--from markdown --to html --strict' and disallows other options. (Any command-line options will be interpreted as arguments.) git-svn-id: 788f1e2b-df1e-0410-8736-df70ead52e1b
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+.TH HSMARKDOWN 1 "January 1, 2007" Pandoc "User Manuals"
+hsmarkdown \- convert markdown-formatted text to HTML
+\fBhsmarkdown\fR [\fIinput\-file\fR]...
+\fBhsmarkdown\fR converts markdown-formatted text to HTML. It is designed
+to be usable as a drop-in replacement for John Gruber's \\fR.
+If no \fIinput\-file\fR is specified, input is read from STDIN.
+Otherwise, the \fIinput\-files\fR are concatenated (with a blank
+line between each) and used as input. Output goes to STDOUT by
+default. For output to a file, use shell redirection:
+.B hsmarkdown input.txt > output.html
+\fBhsmarkdown\fR uses the UTF\-8 character encoding for both input and output.
+If your local character encoding is not UTF\-8, you should pipe input
+and output through \fBiconv\fR:
+.B iconv \-t utf\-8 input.txt | hsmarkdown | iconv \-f utf\-8
+\fBhsmarkdown\fR is implemented as a wrapper around \fBpandoc\fR(1). It
+calls \fBpandoc\fR with the options \fB\-\-from markdown \-\-to html
+\-\-strict\fR and disables all other options. (Command-line options
+will be interpreted as filenames, as they are by \\fR.)
+file distributed with Pandoc contains full documentation.
+The Pandoc source code and all documentation may be downloaded from
+John MacFarlane