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Changed --print-default-header to --print-default-template.
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@@ -186,10 +186,9 @@ to Pandoc. Or use `html2markdown`(1), a wrapper around `pandoc`.
default header, which can be printed by using the `-D` option).
Implies `-s`.
--D *FORMAT*, \--print-default-header=*FORMAT*
-: Print the default header for *FORMAT* (`html`, `s5`, `latex`,
- `context`, `docbook`, `man`, `markdown`, `opendocument`,
- `rst`, `rtf`).
+-D *FORMAT*, \--print-default-template=*FORMAT*
+: Print the default template for an output *FORMAT*. (See `-t`
+ for a list of possible *FORMAT*s.)
-T *STRING*, \--title-prefix=*STRING*
: Specify *STRING* as a prefix to the HTML window title.