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Removed plugin support.
Plugins will probably be added in a later version, but for now we want to avoid the heavy GHC API dependency. Also, plugins are very slow with the current system. git-svn-id: 788f1e2b-df1e-0410-8736-df70ead52e1b
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@@ -181,14 +181,6 @@ to Pandoc. Or use `html2markdown`(1), a wrapper around `pandoc`.
`context`, `docbook`, `man`, `markdown`, `opendocument`,
`rst`, `rtf`).
--P *MODULE[,MODULE...]*, \--plugins=*MODULE[,MODULE...]*
-: Specify plugins to load, by module name or source file pathname.
- Plugins should export a function `transform` of type `a -> a`
- or `a -> IO a`, where `a` is `Inline`, `Block`, `Pandoc`,
- `[Inline]`, or `[Block]`. This function will be used to transform
- the pandoc document after it is parsed by the reader and before it
- is written out by the writer.
-T *STRING*, \--title-prefix=*STRING*
: Specify *STRING* as a prefix to the HTML window title.