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Documented all the formats citeproc/bibutils can handle.
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: Specify bibliography database to be used in resolving
citations. The database type will be determined from the
- extension of *FILE*, which may be `.xml` (MODS format),
- `.bib` (BibTeX format), or `.json` (citeproc JSON).
+ extension of *FILE*, which may be `.mods` (MODS format),
+ `.bib` (BibTeX format), `.bbx` (BibLaTeX format),
+ `.ris` (RIS format), `.enl` (EndNote format),
+ `.xml` (EndNote XML format), `.wos` (ISI format),
+ `.medline` (MEDLINE format), `.copac` (Copac format),
+ or `.json` (citeproc JSON).
: Specify [CSL] style to be used in formatting citations and