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Added MediaWiki writer.
+ Added Text/Pandoc/Writers/MediaWiki.hs + Added to pandoc.cabal + Added to Main.hs and Text/Pandoc.hs exports. + Added tests for mediawiki writer & table writer. + Added information on MediaWiki writer to README. + Added mediawiki markup to list of formats in pandoc(1) man page. + Updated debian/control with mediawiki output format. + Added mediawiki markup to description in macports portfile. + Updated freebsd package description to include mediawiki format. + Mention MediaWiki output format in web page index. + Added mediawiki demo to website. git-svn-id: 788f1e2b-df1e-0410-8736-df70ead52e1b
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@@ -15,7 +15,8 @@ pandoc [*options*] [*input-file*]...
Pandoc converts files from one markup format to another. It can
read markdown and (subsets of) reStructuredText, HTML, and LaTeX, and
it can write markdown, reStructuredText, HTML, LaTeX, ConTeXt, Texinfo,
-groff man, RTF, OpenDocument XML, DocBook XML, and S5 HTML slide shows.
+groff man, MediaWiki markup, RTF, OpenDocument XML, DocBook XML,
+and S5 HTML slide shows.
If no *input-file* is specified, input is read from STDIN.
Otherwise, the *input-files* are concatenated (with a blank
@@ -67,9 +68,10 @@ to Pandoc. Or use `html2markdown`(1), a wrapper around `pandoc`.
: Specify output format. *FORMAT* can be `native` (native Haskell),
`markdown` (markdown or plain text), `rst` (reStructuredText),
`html` (HTML), `latex` (LaTeX), `context` (ConTeXt), `man` (groff man),
- `texinfo` (GNU Texinfo), `docbook` (DocBook XML),
- `opendocument` (OpenDocument XML), `s5` (S5 HTML and javascript slide
- show), or `rtf` (rich text format).
+ `mediawiki` (MediaWiki markup), `texinfo` (GNU Texinfo),
+ `docbook` (DocBook XML), `opendocument` (OpenDocument XML),
+ `s5` (S5 HTML and javascript slide show),
+ or `rtf` (rich text format).
-s, \--standalone
: Produce output with an appropriate header and footer (e.g. a