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-.TH PANDOC 1 "October 27, 2017" "pandoc 2.0"
+.TH PANDOC 1 "October 31, 2017" "pandoc 2.0.1"
pandoc - general markup converter
@@ -200,8 +200,8 @@ requires \f[C]fontspec\f[].
If the \f[C]mathspec\f[] variable is set, \f[C]xelatex\f[] will use
\f[C]mathspec\f[] instead of \f[C]unicode\-math\f[].
The \f[C]upquote\f[] and \f[C]microtype\f[] packages are used if
-available, and \f[C]csquotes\f[] will be used for [smart punctuation] if
-added to the template or included in any header file.
+available, and \f[C]csquotes\f[] will be used for typography if added to
+the template or included in any header file.
The \f[C]natbib\f[], \f[C]biblatex\f[], \f[C]bibtex\f[], and
\f[C]biber\f[] packages can optionally be used for citation rendering.
These are included with all recent versions of TeX Live.
@@ -3572,24 +3572,31 @@ blocks:
.SS Small caps
-To write small caps, you can use an HTML span tag:
+To write small caps, use the \f[C]smallcaps\f[] class:
-<span\ style="font\-variant:small\-caps;">Small\ caps</span>
+[Small\ caps]{.smallcaps}
-(The semicolon is optional and there may be space after the colon.) This
-will work in all output formats that support small caps.
+Or, without the \f[C]bracketed_spans\f[] extension:
+<span\ class="smallcaps">Small\ caps</span>
-Alternatively, you can also use the new \f[C]bracketed_spans\f[] syntax:
+For compatibility with other Markdown flavors, CSS is also supported:
-[Small\ caps]{style="font\-variant:small\-caps;"}
+<span\ style="font\-variant:small\-caps;">Small\ caps</span>
+This will work in all output formats that support small caps.
.SS Math
.SS Extension: \f[C]tex_math_dollars\f[]
@@ -3814,8 +3821,8 @@ A Div starts with a fence containing at least three consecutive colons
plus some attributes.
The attributes may optionally be followed by another string of
consecutive colons.
-The attribute syntax is exactly as in fenced code blocks (see
-[Extension\-fenced_code_attributes], above).
+The attribute syntax is exactly as in fenced code blocks (see Extension:
As with fenced code blocks, one can use either attributes in curly
braces or a single unbraced word, which will be treated as a class name.
The Div ends with another line containing a string of at least three
@@ -5023,13 +5030,14 @@ You can add notes to your Markdown document thus:
-<div\ class="notes">
+:::\ notes
This\ is\ my\ note.
\-\ It\ can\ contain\ Markdown
\-\ like\ this\ list
@@ -5037,6 +5045,24 @@ To show the notes window, press \f[C]s\f[] while viewing the
Notes are not yet supported for other slide formats, but the notes will
not appear on the slides themselves.
+.SS Columns
+To put material in side by side columns, you can use a native div
+container with class \f[C]columns\f[], containing two or more div
+containers with class \f[C]column\f[] and a \f[C]width\f[] attribute:
+::::::::::::::\ {.columns}
+:::\ {.column\ width="40%"}
+:::\ {.column\ width="60%"}
.SS Frame attributes in beamer
Sometimes it is necessary to add the LaTeX \f[C][fragile]\f[] option to