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+% OS X Installation Notes
Pandoc will be installed into your `@PREFIX@` directory. In order
to use `pandoc` and the associated wrapper scripts, you must have
-`/usr/local/bin` in your `PATH.` To add `/usr/local/bin` to your
+`@PREFIX@/bin` in your `PATH.` To add `@PREFIX@/bin` to your
default path, add these lines to the end of `.profile` in your home
-directory and open a new terminal window:
+ export PATH=$PATH:@PREFIX@/bin
+ export MANPATH=$MANPATH:@PREFIX@/share/man
- export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/bin
- export MANPATH=$MANPATH:/usr/local/share/man
+You will have to open a new terminal window for these changes
+to take effect.
To uninstall Pandoc at any time, use the following command:
- sudo /usr/local/bin/uninstall-pandoc
+ sudo @PREFIX@/bin/uninstall-pandoc