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Add support for the LineBlock element to writers
The following markup features are used to output the lines of the `LineBlock` element: - AsciiDoc: a `[verse]` block, - ConTeXt: text surrounded by `\startlines` and `\endlines`, - HTML: `div` with an per-element style setting to interpret the content as pre-wrapped, - Markdown: line blocks if the `line_blocks` extension is enabled, a simple paragraph with hard linebreaks otherwise, - Org: VERSE block, - RST: a line block, and - all other formats: a paragraph, containing hard linebreaks between lines. Custom lua writers should be updated to use the `LineBlock` element.
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diff --git a/src/Text/Pandoc/Writers/MediaWiki.hs b/src/Text/Pandoc/Writers/MediaWiki.hs
index 0da8bc98c..3b2028997 100644
--- a/src/Text/Pandoc/Writers/MediaWiki.hs
+++ b/src/Text/Pandoc/Writers/MediaWiki.hs
@@ -120,6 +120,9 @@ blockToMediaWiki (Para inlines) = do
then "<p>" ++ contents ++ "</p>"
else contents ++ if null lev then "\n" else ""
+blockToMediaWiki (LineBlock lns) =
+ blockToMediaWiki $ linesToPara lns
blockToMediaWiki (RawBlock f str)
| f == Format "mediawiki" = return str
| f == Format "html" = return str