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Docx reader: Ensure one-row tables don't have header.
Tables in MS Word are set by default to have special first-row formatting, which pandoc uses to determine whether or not they have a header. This means that one-row tables will, by default, have only a header -- which we imagine is not what people want. This change ensures that a one-row table is not understood to be a header only. Note that this means that it is impossible to produce a header-only table from docx, even though it is legal pandoc. But we believe that in nearly all cases, it will be an accidental (and unwelcome) result Closes #3285.
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@@ -242,6 +242,10 @@ tests = [ testGroup "inlines"
, testCompare
+ "tables with one row"
+ "docx/table_one_row.docx"
+ "docx/table_one_row.native"
+ , testCompare
"code block"