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Added proper support for DocBook 'xref' elements
'xref' is used to create cross references to other parts of the document. It is an empty element - the cross reference text depends on various attributes. Quoting 'DocBook: The Definitive Guide': 1. If the endterm attribute is specified on xref, the content of the element pointed to by endterm will be used as the text of the cross-reference. 2. Otherwise, if the object pointed to has a specified XRefLabel, the content of that attribute will be used as the cross-reference text.
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+Pandoc (Meta {unMeta = fromList []})
+[Header 1 ("ch01",[],[]) [Str "XRef",Space,Str "Samples"]
+,Para [Str "This",Space,Str "paragraph",Space,Str "demonstrates",Space,Str "several",Space,Str "features",Space,Str "of",Space,Str "XRef."]
+ [[Para [Str "A",Space,Str "straight",Space,Str "link",Space,Str "generates",Space,Str "the",Space,Str "cross-reference",Space,Str "text:",Space,Link [Str "???"] ("#ch02",""),Str "."]]
+ ,[Para [Str "A",Space,Str "link",Space,Str "to",Space,Str "an",Space,Str "element",Space,Str "with",Space,Str "an",Space,Str "XRefLabel:",Space,Link [Str "Chapter the Third"] ("#ch03",""),Str "."]]
+ ,[Para [Str "A",Space,Str "link",Space,Str "with",Space,Str "an",Space,Str "EndTerm:",Space,Link [Str "Chapter 4"] ("#ch04",""),Str "."]]
+ ,[Para [Str "A",Space,Str "link",Space,Str "to",Space,Str "an",Space,Str "cmdsynopsis",Space,Str "element:",Space,Link [Str "???"] ("#cmd01",""),Str "."]]
+ ,[Para [Str "A",Space,Str "link",Space,Str "to",Space,Str "an",Space,Str "funcsynopsis",Space,Str "element:",Space,Link [Str "???"] ("#func01",""),Str "."]]]
+,Header 1 ("ch02",[],[]) [Str "The",Space,Str "Second",Space,Str "Chapter"]
+,Para [Str "Some",Space,Str "content",Space,Str "here"]
+,Header 1 ("ch03",[],[]) [Str "The",Space,Str "Third",Space,Str "Chapter"]
+,Para [Str "Some",Space,Str "content",Space,Str "here"]
+,Header 1 ("ch04",[],[]) [Str "The",Space,Str "Fourth",Space,Str "Chapter"]
+,Para [Str "Some",Space,Str "content",Space,Str "here"]
+,Plain [Str "chgrp"]
+,Plain [Str "-R"]
+,Plain [Str "-H"]
+,Plain [Str "-L"]
+,Plain [Str "-P"]
+,Plain [Str "-f"]
+,Plain [Str "group"]
+,Plain [Str "file"]
+,Plain [Str "int"]
+,Plain [Str "max"]
+,Plain [Str "int"]
+,Plain [Str "int1"]
+,Plain [Str "int"]
+,Plain [Str "int2"]]