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HTML reader/writer: better handling of "section" elements.
Previously `<section>` tags were just parsed as raw HTML blocks. With this change, section elements are parsed as Div elements with the class "section". The HTML writer will use `<section>` tags to render these Divs in HTML5; otherwise they will be rendered as `<div class="section">`. Closes #2438.
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diff --git a/tests/testsuite.native b/tests/testsuite.native
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--- a/tests/testsuite.native
+++ b/tests/testsuite.native
@@ -228,9 +228,15 @@ Pandoc (Meta {unMeta = fromList [("author",MetaList [MetaInlines [Str "John",Spa
,[Plain [Str "sublist"]]]]])]
,Header 1 ("html-blocks",[],[]) [Str "HTML",Space,Str "Blocks"]
,Para [Str "Simple",Space,Str "block",Space,Str "on",Space,Str "one",Space,Str "line:"]
-,Div ("",[],[]) [Plain [Str "foo"]]
+,Div ("",[],[])
+ [Plain [Str "foo"]]
,Para [Str "And",Space,Str "nested",Space,Str "without",Space,Str "indentation:"]
-,Div ("",[],[]) [Div ("",[],[]) [Div ("",[],[]) [Para [Str "foo"]]],Div ("",[],[]) [Plain [Str "bar"]]]
+,Div ("",[],[])
+ [Div ("",[],[])
+ [Div ("",[],[])
+ [Para [Str "foo"]]]
+ ,Div ("",[],[])
+ [Plain [Str "bar"]]]
,Para [Str "Interpreted",Space,Str "markdown",Space,Str "in",Space,Str "a",Space,Str "table:"]
,RawBlock (Format "html") "<table>"
,RawBlock (Format "html") "<tr>"
@@ -244,13 +250,17 @@ Pandoc (Meta {unMeta = fromList [("author",MetaList [MetaInlines [Str "John",Spa
,RawBlock (Format "html") "</table>"
,RawBlock (Format "html") "<script type=\"text/javascript\">document.write('This *should not* be interpreted as markdown');</script>"
,Para [Str "Here\8217s",Space,Str "a",Space,Str "simple",Space,Str "block:"]
-,Div ("",[],[]) [Para [Str "foo"]]
+,Div ("",[],[])
+ [Para [Str "foo"]]
,Para [Str "This",Space,Str "should",Space,Str "be",Space,Str "a",Space,Str "code",Space,Str "block,",Space,Str "though:"]
,CodeBlock ("",[],[]) "<div>\n foo\n</div>"
,Para [Str "As",Space,Str "should",Space,Str "this:"]
,CodeBlock ("",[],[]) "<div>foo</div>"
,Para [Str "Now,",Space,Str "nested:"]
-,Div ("",[],[]) [Div ("",[],[]) [Div ("",[],[]) [Plain [Str "foo"]]]]
+,Div ("",[],[])
+ [Div ("",[],[])
+ [Div ("",[],[])
+ [Plain [Str "foo"]]]]
,Para [Str "This",Space,Str "should",Space,Str "just",Space,Str "be",Space,Str "an",Space,Str "HTML",Space,Str "comment:"]
,RawBlock (Format "html") "<!-- Comment -->"
,Para [Str "Multiline:"]