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@@ -3388,14 +3388,17 @@ all output formats, not just LaTeX:
$\tuple{a, b, c}$
-In LaTeX output, the macro definitions will not be passed
-through as raw LaTeX.
+Note that LaTeX macros will not be applied if they occur
+inside inside a raw span or block marked with the
+[`raw_attribute` extension](#extension-raw_attribute).
-When `latex_macros` is disabled, the macro definitions will
-be passed through as raw LaTeX, and the raw LaTeX and math will
+When `latex_macros` is disabled, the raw LaTeX and math will
not have macros applied. This is usually a better approach when
you are targeting LaTeX or PDF.
+Whether or not `latex_macros` is enabled, the macro definitions
+will still be passed through as raw LaTeX.