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[pending release 1.12]
+ * New `--filter/-F` option to make it easier to run "filters"
+ (Pandoc AST transformations that operate on JSON serializations).
+ Filters are always passed the name of the output format, so their
+ behavior can be tailored to it. The repository
+ <> contains
+ a python module for writing pandoc filters in python, with
+ a number of examples.
+ * Added `--print-default-data-file` option, which allows printing
+ of any of pandoc's data files. (For example,
+ `pandoc --print-default-data-file reference.odt` will print
+ `reference.odt`.)
* `--toc-level` no longer implies `--toc`.
Reason: EPUB users who don't want a visible TOC may still want
to set the TOC level for in the book navigation.
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which URLs it is fetching, but not giving the full header). In
addition, there are better error messages when fetching a URL fails.
+ * citeproc support has been removed from core pandoc (API changes).
+ + The `--bibliography`, `--csl`, and `--citation-abbreviation`
+ options have been removed.
+ + Markdown and LaTeX citations as still parsed, but an external
+ filter, `pandoc-citeproc`, is now needed to process
+ them against a bibliography and CSL stylesheet. The bibliography
+ and stylesheet should be specified in the document's YAML metadata
+ (`bibliography` and `csl` fields), and the filter called with
+ `pandoc --filter pandoc-citeproc`.
+ + The `Text.Pandoc.Biblio` module has been removed, and the Markdown
+ and LaTeX readers no longer process citations. Users of the
+ pandoc library who want citation support will need to use
+ `Text.CSL.Pandoc` from `pandoc-citations`.
+ + All bibliography-related fields have been removed from
+ `ReaderOptions` and `WriterOptions`: `writerBiblioFiles`,
+ `readerReferences`, `readerCitationStyle`.
+ + Note that a Cite element is now created in parsing markdown whether
+ or not there is a matching reference (indeed, pandoc has no way of
+ knowing, since the `--bibliography` option has been removed).
+ By default citations will print as `???`.
+ + The `pandoc-citeproc` script will put the bibliography at the
+ end of the document, as before. However, it will be put inside a Div
+ element with class "references", allowing users some control
+ over the styling of references. A final header, if any, will
+ be included in the Div.
+ * The markdown writer will not print a bibliography if the
+ `citations` extension is enabled. (If the citations are formatted
+ as markdown citations, it is redundant to have a bibliography,
+ since one will be generated automatically.)
* All slide formats: Support incremental slide view for definition lists.
* Added syntax for "pauses" in beamer or reaveljs slide shows.
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+ Variables completely shadow metadata.
If many variables with the same name are set, a list is created.
+ * `Format` is now a newtype, not an alias for String.
+ Equality comparisons are case-insensitive.
+ * New generic block container (`Div`) and inline container
+ (`Span`) elements have been added. These can take attributes.
+ They will render in HTML, Textile, MediaWiki, Org, RST and
+ and Markdown (with `markdown_in_html` extension) as HTML `<div>`
+ and `<span>` elements; in other formats they will simply pass through
+ their contents. But they can be targeted by scripts.
* `Text.Pandoc`
+ Make `toJsonFilter` an alias for `toJSONFilter` from `Text.Pandoc.JSON`.
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* Removed the deprecated `jsonFilter` function.
+ Added `readJSON`, `writeJSON` to the API (#817).
+ * Most of `Text.Pandoc.Readers.TeXMath` has been moved to the
+ `texmath` module (0.6.4). (This allows `pandoc-citeproc` to
+ handle simple math in bibliography fields.)
+ [ TODO - systematic documentation of pandoc-types API changes,
+ including .JSON, .Walk and changes to .Definition, .Builder.
+ Include the new Format newtype, and the new Span and Div
+ elements.]
+ * Added `Text.Pandoc.Walk` (in `pandoc-types`), which exports
+ hand-written tree-walking functions that are orders of magnitude
+ faster than the SYB functions from `Text.Pandoc.Generic`.
+ These functions are now used where possible in pandoc's code.
+ Added `Tests.Walk` to verify that `walk` and `query` match
+ the generic traversals `bottomUp` and `queryWith`.
+ (API change.)
+ * Added `Text.Pandoc.Process`, exporting `pipeProcess`.
+ This is a souped-up version of `readProcessWithErrorcode` that
+ uses lazy bytestrings instead of strings and allows setting
+ environment variables. (Used in `Text.Pandoc.PDF`.)
+ * Added `Text.Pandoc.Compat.Monoid`.
+ This allows pandoc to compile with `base` < 4.5, where `Data.Monoid`
+ doesn't export `<>`. Thanks to Dirk Ullirch for the patch.
+ * Added `Text.Pandoc.Compat.TagSoupEntity`.
+ This allows pandoc to compile with `tagsoup` 0.13.x.
+ Thanks to Dirk Ullrich for the patch.
* `Text.Pandoc.Shared`
+ `openURL` now follows redirects (#701).
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This fixes bugs in `--self-contained` on pandoc compiled with
`embed_data_files` (#833).
+ Fixed `readDefaultDataFile` so it works on Windows.
+ + Better error messages for `readDefaultDataFile`. Instead of
+ listing the last path tried, which can confuse people who are
+ using `--self-contained`, so now we just list the data file name.
+ URL-escape pipe characters.
Even though these are legal, `Network.URI` doesn't regard them
as legal in URLs. So we escape them first (#535).
+ `openURL`: Print diagnostic output to stderr, not stdout.
+ `openURL`: Properly handle `data:` URIs.
+ + `stringify`: Generalized type.
* `Text.Pandoc.Biblio`
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will load the script sample.lua and use it as a custom writer.
`data/sample.lua` is provided as an example. (This can be printed
- with the new `--print-custom-lua-writer` option.
+ with `pandoc --print-default-data-file sample.lua`.)
* Added OPML reader and writer.
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might speed things up in some cases.)
+ Implemented `Ext_ascii_identifiers` (#807).
+ Allow internal `+` in citation identifiers (#856).
- + Added support for YAML metadata block at the beginning of document.
+ + Added support for YAML metadata blocks, which can come anywhere
+ in the document (not just at the beginning). A document can contain
+ multiple YAML metadata blocks.
+ Improved strong/emph parsing, using the strategy of
<>. The new parsing algorithm requires
no backtracking, and no keeping track of nesting levels.
It will give different results in some edge cases, but these should
not affect normal uses.
+ Allow `.` or `)` after `#` in ATX headers if no `fancy_lists`.
+ + Do not generate blank title, author, or date metadata elements.
+ Leave these out entirely if they aren't present.
+ + HTML span and div tags are parsed as pandoc Span and Div elements.
* RST reader
@@ -200,6 +293,9 @@
+ Support `\v{}` for hacek (#926).
+ Don't add spurious ", " to citation suffixes.
This is added when needed in `Text.Pandoc.Biblio` anyway.
+ + Allow spaces in alignment spec in tables, e.g. `{ l r c }`.
+ + Improved support for accented characters (thanks to Scott Morrison).
+ + Parse label after section command and set id (#951).
* MediaWiki reader
@@ -225,6 +321,10 @@
This caused problems with array environments (#891).
+ Change `\` to `/` in paths. `/` works even on Windows in LaTeX.
`\` will cause major problems if unescaped.
+ + Write id for code block to label attribute in LaTeX when listings
+ is used (thanks to Florian Eitel).
+ + Scale LaTeX tables so they don't exceed columnwidth.
+ + Avoid problem with footnotes in unnumbered headers (#940).
* Beamer writer
@@ -274,6 +374,10 @@
+ Fixing wrong numbered-list indentation in open document format
(Alexander Kondratskiy) (#369).
+ + `reference.odt`: Added pandoc as "generator" in `meta.xml`.
+ + Minor changes for ODF 1.2 conformance (#939). We leave the
+ nonconforming `contextual-spacing` attribute, which is provided by
+ LibreOffice itself and seems well supported.
* Docx writer
@@ -347,6 +451,8 @@
to find them, either in the directory containing the first source
file, or at an absolute URL, or at a URL relative to the base URL
of the first command line argument (#917).
+ + If compiling with `pdflatex` yields an encoding error, offer
+ the suggestion to use `--latex-engine=xelatex`.
* `Text.Pandoc.UTF8`
@@ -363,7 +469,7 @@
+ Better error reporting in `readWith`: On error have it print the line
in which the error occurred, with a caret pointing to the column.
+ In `ParserState`, replace `stateTitle`, `stateAuthors`, `stateDate`
- with `stateMeta`.
+ with `stateMeta` and `stateMeta'`.
* `Text.Pandoc.XML`
@@ -375,6 +481,21 @@
+ Added `Ext_ascii_identifiers`. (API change.)
This will force `Ext_auto_identifiers` to use ASCII only.
Set as default for github markdown.
+ + Changed `writerSourceDir` to `writerSourceURL` and changed
+ the type to a `Maybe`. Previously we used to store the directory
+ of the first input file, even if it was local, and used this as a
+ base directory for finding images in ODT, EPUB, Docx, and PDF.
+ This has been confusing to many users. It seems better to look for
+ images relative to the current working directory, even if the first
+ file argument is in another directory. `writerSourceURL` is set
+ to 'Just url' when the first command-line argument is an absolute
+ URL. (So, relative links will be resolved in relation to the first
+ page.) Otherwise, 'Nothing'. The ODT, EPUB, Docx, and PDF
+ writers have been modified accordingly. Note that this change may
+ break some existing workflows. If you have been assuming that
+ relative links will be interpreted relative to the directory of
+ the first file argument, you'll need to make that the current
+ directory before running pandoc. API change (#942).
* `Text.Pandoc.Templates`
@@ -422,7 +543,7 @@
* Added
- * Use latest `chicago-author-date.csl` as `default.csl`.
+ * Improved INSTALL instructions.
* `make-windows-installer.bat`: Removed explicit paths for executables.