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@@ -1077,6 +1077,9 @@ Language variables
Variables for slides
+Variables are available for [producing slide shows with pandoc],
+including all [reveal.js configuration options].
: base URL for Slidy documents (defaults to
@@ -1090,33 +1093,16 @@ Variables for slides
: base URL for reveal.js documents (defaults to `reveal.js`)
-: reveal.js or LaTeX beamer theme
-: reveal.js transition: `cube`, `page`, `concave`, `zoom`, `linear`, `fade`, or `none`
-: enables vertical centering of slides in reveal.js if set to `true`
-: bounds for smallest/largest possible content scale in reveal.js (default: 1.5)
-: enables display of the page number of the current slide in reveal.js
-: disables controls in reveal.js slide shows if set to `false`
-: disables progress bar in reveal.js slide shows if set to `false`
-`colortheme`, `fonttheme`, `innertheme`, `outertheme`
+`theme`, `colortheme`, `fonttheme`, `innertheme`, `outertheme`
: themes for LaTeX [`beamer`] documents
+[reveal.js configuration options]:
Variables for LaTeX
+LaTeX variables are used when [creating a PDF].
: font size (e.g. `10pt`, `12pt`) for LaTeX documents
@@ -3284,7 +3270,7 @@ For Slidy, Slideous, reveal.js, and S5, the file produced by pandoc with the
assumed to be available at the relative path `s5/default` (for S5), `slideous`
(for Slideous), `reveal.js` (for reveal.js), or at the Slidy website at
`` (for Slidy). (These paths can be changed by setting the `slidy-url`,
-`slideous-url`, `revealjs-url`, or `s5-url` variables; see `--variable`,
+`slideous-url`, `revealjs-url`, or `s5-url` variables; see [Variables for slides],
above.) For DZSlides, the (relatively short) javascript and css are included in
the file by default.
@@ -3381,15 +3367,15 @@ files it does not find in the user data directory.
For dzslides, the CSS is included in the HTML file itself, and may
be modified there.
-For reveal.js, themes can be used by setting the `theme` variable,
-for example:
+All [reveal.js configuration options] can be set through variables.
+For example, themes can be used by setting the `theme` variable:
-V theme=moon
Or you can specify a custom stylesheet using the `--css` option.
-To style beamer slides, you can specify a beamer "theme" or "colortheme"
-using the `-V` option:
+To style beamer slides, you can specify a `theme`, `colortheme`,
+`fonttheme`, `innertheme`, and `outertheme`, using the `-V` option:
pandoc -t beamer habits.txt -V theme:Warsaw -o habits.pdf