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@@ -169,27 +169,13 @@ This is an alternative to compiling from source on MacOS X.
on MacOS X computers. If you don't already have MacPorts, follow
[these instructions for installing
-Note that you'll need OSX 10.4 and the latest version of XCode Tools.
-Once you've installed MacPorts, you'll need to create a local ports
-repository and copy the [pandoc `Portfile`](Portfile) into it:
- mkdir -p ~/ports/textproc/pandoc
- cp Portfile ~/ports/textproc/pandoc/
-Then (as root) open `/opt/local/etc/macports/sources.conf` in an editor
-and insert the line
- file:///Users/yourusername/ports
-before the line beginning `rsync:`, so MacPorts will know about your
-local repository. (Replace `yourusername` here with your user name.)
-Now you should be able to install pandoc by typing
+Once you've installed MacPorts, you can install pandoc by typing:
+ sudo port sync # to get the most recent ports
sudo port install pandoc
-Since pandoc requires GHC to build, the process may take a long time.
+Since pandoc depends on GHC, the process may take a long time.
Installing the Windows binary
@@ -205,18 +191,14 @@ these, compile from source.
Installing pandoc on Debian
-This method will work on Debian linux and derivatives (including Ubuntu).
-Download the latest debian package from the [pandoc home page].
-To install it, just type
- sudo dpkg -i pandoc_0.xx_i386.deb
-where `pandoc_0.xx_i386.deb` is the filename of the debian package.
-To uninstall later, use
+Pandoc is now in the debian unstable archive, and can be installed
+using `apt-get` (as root):
- sudo apt-get remove pandoc
+ apt-get install pandoc # the program, shell scripts, and docs
+ apt-get install libghc6-pandoc-dev # the libraries
+ apt-get install pandoc-doc # library documentation
-[pandoc home page]:
+Thanks to Recai OktaƟ for setting up the debian packages.
Installing pandoc on FreeBSD