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@@ -96,10 +96,7 @@ Supported input formats include `markdown`, `html`, `latex`, and `rst`.
Note that the `rst` reader only parses a subset of reStructuredText
syntax. For example, it doesn't handle tables, option lists, or
footnotes. But for simple documents it should be adequate. The `latex`
-and `html` readers are also limited in what they can do. Because the
-`html` reader is picky about the HTML it parses, it is recommended that
-you pipe HTML through [HTML Tidy] before sending it to `pandoc`, or use
-the `html2markdown` script described below.
+and `html` readers are also limited in what they can do.
If you don't specify a reader or writer explicitly, `pandoc` will
try to determine the input and output format from the extensions of