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@@ -324,6 +324,17 @@ For further documentation, see the `pandoc(1)` man page.
repeatedly to include multiple files. They will be included in the
order specified.
+`--reference-odt` *filename*
+: uses the specified file as a style reference in producing an ODT.
+ For best results, the reference ODT should be a modified version
+ of an ODT produced using pandoc. The contents of the reference ODT
+ are ignored, but its stylesheets are used in the new ODT. If no
+ reference ODT is specified on the command line, pandoc will look
+ for `$HOME/.pandoc/reference.odt` (on unix) or
+ `C:\Documents And Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\pandoc\reference.odt`
+ (on Windows). If this is not found either, sensible defaults will be
+ used.
`-D` or `--print-default-template` *format*
: prints the default template for an output *format*. (See `-t`
for a list of possible *format*s.)