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+pandoc (1.19)
+ * Changed resolution of filter paths.
+ + We now first treat the argument of `--filter` as a full (absolute
+ or relative) path, looking for a program there. If it's found,
+ we run it.
+ + If not, and if it is a simple program name or a relative path,
+ we try resolving it relative to `$DATADIR/filters`.
+ + If this fails, then we treat it as a program name and look in
+ the user's PATH.
+ + Removed a hardcoded '/' that may have caused problems with Windows
+ paths.
+ Previously if you did `--filter foo` and you had `foo` in your
+ path and also an executable `foo` in your working directory,
+ the one in the path would be used. Now the one in the working
+ directory is used.
+ In addition, when you do `--filter foo/bar.hs`, pandoc will now
+ find a filter `$DATADIR/filters/foo/bar.hs` -- assuming there
+ isn't a `foo/bar.hs` relative to the working directory.
+ * Allow `file://` URIs as arguments (#3196). Also improved default reader
+ format detection. Previously with a URI ending in .md or .markdown,
+ pandoc would assume HTML input. Now it treats these as markdown.
+ * Allow to overwrite top-level division type heuristics (#3258,
+ Albert Krewinkel). Pandoc uses heuristics to determine the most
+ reasonable top-level division type when emitting LaTeX or Docbook markup.
+ It is now possible to overwrite this implicitly set top-level division
+ via the `top-level-division` command line parameter.
+ * Text.Pandoc.Options [API change] (#3197): The type of the
+ `writerTopLevelDivision` field in of the `WriterOptions` data type is
+ altered from `Division` to `Maybe Division`. The field's default value
+ is changed from `Section` to `Nothing`.
+ * Improved error if they give wrong arg to `--top-level-division`.
+ * DocBook reader: Fixed xref lookup (#3243).
+ It previously only worked when the qnames lacked the docbook
+ namespace URI.
+ * HTML reader:
+ + Improved table parsing (#3027). We now check explicitly for non-1
+ rowspan or colspan attributes, and fail when we encounter them.
+ Previously we checked that each row had the same number of cells,
+ but that could be true even with rowspans/colspans.
+ And there are cases where it isn't true in tables that
+ we can handle fine -- e.g. when a tr element is empty.
+ So now we just pad rows with empty cells when needed.
+ + Treat `<math>` as MathML by default unless something else
+ is explicitly specified in xmlns. Provided it parses as MathML,
+ of course. Also fixed default which should be to inline math if no
+ display attribute is used.
+ + Only treat "a" element as link if it has href (#3226). Otherwise
+ treat as span.
+ * Docx reader (Jesse Rosenthal):
+ + Add a placeholder value for CHART. We wrap `[CHART]` in a
+ `<span class="chart">`. Note that it maps to inlines because, in docx,
+ anything in a drawing tag can be part of a larger paragraph.
+ + Be more specific in parsing images We not only want `w:drawing`,
+ because that could also include charts. Now we specify
+ `w:drawing/pic:pic`. This shouldn't change behavior at all, but it's
+ a first step toward allowing other sorts of drawing data as well.
+ + Abstract out function to avoid code repetition.
+ + Update tests for img title and alt (#3204).
+ + Handle Alt text and titles in images. We use the "description" field
+ as alt text and the "title" field as title. These can be accessed
+ through the "Format Picture" dialog in Word.
+ + Docx reader utils: handle empty namespace in `elemName`.
+ Previously, if given an empty namespace `(elemName ns "" "foo")`
+ `elemName` would output a QName with a `Just ""` namespace. This is
+ never what we want. Now we output a `Nothing`. If someone *does* want a
+ `Just ""` in the namespace, they can enter the QName value explicitly.
+ * ODT reader/writer:
+ + Inline code when text has a special style (Hubert Plociniczak). When
+ a piece of text has a text `Source_Text` then we assume that this is a
+ piece of the document that represents a code that needs to be inlined.
+ Adapted the writer to also reflect that change. Previously it was just
+ writing a 'preformatted' text using a non-distinguishable font style.
+ Code blocks are still not recognized by the ODT reader. That's a
+ separate issue.
+ + Infer table's caption from the paragraph (#3224, Hubert Plociniczak).
+ ODT's reader always put empty captions for the parsed tables. This commit
+ 1. checks paragraphs that follow the table definition
+ 2. treats specially a paragraph with a style named 'Table'
+ 3. does some postprocessing of the paragraphs that combines
+ tables followed immediately by captions
+ The ODT writer used the `TableCaption` style for the caption
+ paragraph. This commit follows the OpenOffice approach which
+ allows for appending captions to table but uses a built-in style
+ named `Table` instead of `TableCaption`. Users of a custom
+ `reference.odt` should change the style's name from `TableCaption`
+ to `Table`.
+ * ODT reader: Infer tables' header props from rows (#3199, Hubert
+ Plociniczak). ODT reader simply provided an empty header list
+ which meant that the contents of the whole table, even if not empty,
+ was simply ignored. While we still do not infer headers we at least
+ have to provide default properties of columns.
+ * Markdown reader:
+ + Allow reference link labels starting with `@...` if `citations`
+ extension disabled (#3209). Example: in
+ [link text][@a]
+ [@a]: url
+ `link text` isn't hyperlinked because `[@a]` is parsed as a citation.
+ Previously this happened whether or not the `citations` extension was
+ enabled. Now it happens only if the `citations` extension is enabled.
+ + Allow alignments to be specified in Markdown grid tables. For example,
+ +---------------+---------------+--------------------+
+ | Right | Left | Centered |
+ +==============:+:==============+:==================:+
+ | Bananas | $1.34 | built-in wrapper |
+ +---------------+---------------+--------------------+
+ + Allow Small Caps elements to be created using bracketed spans
+ (as they already can be using HTML-syntax spans) (#3191, Kolen Cheung).
+ * LaTeX reader:
+ + Don't treat `\vspace` and `\hspace` as block commands (#3256).
+ Fixed an error which came up, for example, with `\vspace`
+ inside a caption. (Captions expect inlines.)
+ + Improved table handling. We can now parse all of the tables emitted
+ by pandoc in our tests. The only thing we don't get yet are
+ alignments and column widths in more complex tables. See #2669.
+ + Limited support for minipage.
+ + Allow for `[]`s inside LaTeX optional args. Fixes cases like:
+ \begin{center}
+ \begin{tikzpicture}[baseline={([yshift=+-.5ex]current bounding}, level distance=24pt]
+ \Tree [.{S} [.NP John\index{i} ] [.VP [.V likes ] [.NP himself\index{i,*j} ]]]
+ \end{tikzpicture}
+ \end{center}
+ + Handle BVerbatim from fancyvrb (#3203).
+ + Handle hungarumlaut (#3201).
+ + Allow beamer-style `<...>` options in raw LaTeX (also in Markdown)
+ (#3184). This allows use of things like `\only<2,3>{my content}` in
+ Markdown that is going to be converted to beamer.
+ * Use pre-wrap for code in dzslides template (Nicolas Porcel).
+ Otherwise overly long code will appear on every slide.
+ * Org reader (Albert Krewinkel):
+ + Respect column width settings (#3246). Table column properties can
+ optionally specify a column's width with which it is displayed in
+ the buffer. Some exporters, notably the ODT exporter in org-mode v9.0,
+ use these values to calculate relative column widths. The org reader now
+ implements the same behavior. Note that the org-mode LaTeX and HTML
+ exporters in Emacs don't support this feature yet, which should be kept
+ in mind by users who use the column widths parameters.
+ + Allow HTML attribs on non-figure images (#3222). Images which are the
+ only element in a paragraph can still be given HTML attributes, even if
+ the image does not have a caption and is hence not a figure.
+ The following will add set the `width` attribute of the image to `50%`:
+ #+ATTR_HTML: :width 50%
+ [[file:image.jpg]]
+ + Support `ATTR_HTML` for special blocks (#3182).
+ Special blocks (i.e. blocks with unrecognized names) can be prefixed
+ with an `ATTR_HTML` block attribute. The attributes defined in that
+ meta-directive are added to the `Div` which is used to represent the
+ special block.
+ + Support the `todo` export option. The `todo` export option allows to
+ toggle the inclusion of TODO keywords in the output. Setting this to
+ `nil` causes TODO keywords to be dropped from headlines. The default
+ is to include the keywords.
+ + Add support for todo-markers. Headlines can have optional todo-markers
+ which can be controlled via the `#+TODO`, `#+SEQ_TODO`, or `#+TYP_TODO`
+ meta directive. Multiple such directives can be given, each adding a
+ new set of recognized todo-markers. If no custom todo-markers are
+ defined, the default `TODO` and `DONE` markers are used. Todo-markers
+ are conceptually separate from headline text and are hence excluded
+ when autogenerating headline IDs. The markers are rendered as spans
+ and labelled with two classes: One class is the markers name, the other
+ signals the todo-state of the marker (either `todo` or `done`).
+ * LaTeX writer:
+ + Use `\autocites*` when "suppress-author" citation used.
+ + Ensure that simple tables have simple cells (#2666). If cells contain
+ more than a single Plain or Para, then we need to set nonzero widths
+ and put contents into minipages.
+ + Remove invalid inlines in sections (#3218, Hubert Plociniczak).
+ * Markdown writer:
+ + Fix calculation of column widths for aligned multiline tables
+ (#1911, Björn Peemöller). This also fixes excessive CPU and memory
+ usage for tables when `--columns` is set in such a way that cells
+ must be very tiny. Now cells are guaranteed to be big enough so that
+ single words don't need to line break, even if this pushes the
+ line length above the column width.
+ + Use bracketed form for native spans when `bracketed_spans`
+ enabled (#3229).
+ + Fixed inconsistent spacing issue (#3232). Previously a tight bullet
+ sublist got rendered with a blank line after, while a tight ordered
+ sublist did not. Now we don't get the blank line in either case.
+ + Fix escaping of spaces in super/subscript (#3225). Previously two
+ backslashes were inserted, which gave a literal backslash.
+ + Adjust widths in Markdown grid tables so that they match on round-trip.
+ * Docx writer:
+ + Give full detail when there are errors converting tex math.
+ + Handle title text in images (Jesse Rosenthal). We already handled alt
+ text. This just puts the image "title" into the docx "title" attr.
+ + Fixed XML markup for empty cells (#3238). Previously the Compact
+ style wasn't being applied properly to empty cells.
+ * Text.Pandoc.Pretty:
+ + Fixed some bugs that caused blank lines in tables (#3251).
+ The bugs caused spurious blank lines in grid tables when we
+ had things like ``blankline $$ blankline``.
+ + Add exported function `minOffet` [API change] (Björn Peemöller).
+ + Added error message for illegal call to `block` (Björn Peemöller).
+ * Text.Pandoc.Shared: Put `warn` in MonadIO.
+ * Export Text.Pandoc.getDefaultExtensions [API change] (#3178).
+ * In --version, trap error in `getAppUserDataDirectory` (#3241).
+ This fixes a crash with `pandoc --version` on unusual systems with
+ no real user (e.g. SQL Server 2016).
+ * Added weigh-pandoc for memory usage diagnostics (#3169).
+ * Use correct mime types for woff and woff2 (#3228).
+ * Remove make_travis_yml.hs (#3235, Kolen Cheung).
+ * changelog: Moved an item that was misplaced in the 1.17.2 section to
+ the 1.18 section where it belongs.
+ * minor change in wording and punctuation (#3252,
+ Kolen Cheung).
+ * Further revisions to manual for `--version` changes (#3244).
pandoc (1.18)
* Added `--list-input-formats`, `--list-output-formats`,