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+pandoc (
+ * Markdown reader:
+ + Fixed regression in which parentheses were lost in link URLs.
+ Added tests. Closes #786.
+ + `--smart` mode: Better handling of unmatched double quotes.
+ These occur frequently in fiction, since it is customary not to
+ close quotes in dialogue if the speaker does not change between
+ paragraphs. The unmatched quotes now get turned into literal
+ left double quotes. (No `Quoted` inline is generated, however.)
+ Closes #99 (again).
+ * LaTeX reader: citation handling changes. Previously, a LaTeX
+ citation would always be parsed as a `Citation` element, with the raw
+ LaTeX as contents. Now, the LaTeX citation is parsed as a `Citation`
+ element only if `--bibliography` was specified (i.e. only if there
+ is a nonempty set of references in readerReferences). Otherwise it is
+ parsed as raw LaTeX. This makes it possible to simplify some things in
+ the markdown writer. It also makes the LaTeX reader behave more like
+ the Markdown reader.
+ * Markdown writer:
+ + Fixed numbering mismatch between TOC and sections in
+ HTML. `--number-offset` now affects TOC numbering as well
+ as section numbering, as it should have all along. Closes #789.
+ + Citations are again rendered using citeproc, even if the `citations`
+ extension is specified. (This reverts a 1.11 change.) To retain
+ pandoc citations when prettyprinting markdown, just omit the
+ `--bibliography` option. To convert LaTeX to pandoc citations,
+ use the `--natbib` option to prevent citeproc processing.
+ * ODT writer: Fixed regression leading to corrupt ODTs.
+ This was due to a change in the `Show` instance for
+ `Text.Pandoc.Pretty.Doc`. Closes #780.
+ * Fixed spacing bugs involving code block attributes in
+ RST reader and Markdown writer. Closes #763.
+ * Windows package: Various improvements due to Fyodor Sheremetyev.
+ + Automatically set installation path (Program Files or Local App Data).
+ + Set system PATH environment variable when installing for all users.
+ + Pandoc can installed for all users using the following command.
+ `msiexec /i pandoc-1.11.msi ALLUSERS=1`.
+ * Bumped QuickCheck version bound.
pandoc (1.11)
* Added `--number-offset` option. (See README for description.)