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diff --git a/macos/ b/macos/
index f5262e1d5..5b66afd25 100755
--- a/macos/
+++ b/macos/
@@ -59,15 +59,15 @@ $PANDOC --data data -t html5 -s -Vpagetitle="License" -o $RESOURCES/l
# make sure it's valid... returns nonzero exit code if it isn't:
#spctl --assess --type execute $DEST/bin/pandoc
-echo Creating MacOS package...
+echo Creating macOS package...
sed -e "s/PANDOCVERSION/$VERSION/" $MACOS/ > $MACOS/distribution.xml
pkgbuild --root $ROOT --identifier net.johnmacfarlane.pandoc --version $VERSION --ownership recommended $DIST/pandoc.pkg
-productbuild --distribution $MACOS/distribution.xml --resources $DIST/Resources --package-path $DIST --version $VERSION --sign "${DEVELOPER_ID_INSTALLER}" $BASE-MacOS.pkg
+productbuild --distribution $MACOS/distribution.xml --resources $DIST/Resources --package-path $DIST --version $VERSION --sign "${DEVELOPER_ID_INSTALLER}" $BASE-macOS.pkg
# verify signature
-spctl --assess --type install $BASE-MacOS.pkg
+spctl --assess --type install $BASE-macOS.pkg
# cleanup
rm -r $DIST
diff --git a/macos/ b/macos/
index a5194d9bd..c853727d9 100755
--- a/macos/
+++ b/macos/
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
-# Script to remove all files installed by the OSX pandoc installer
+# Script to remove all files installed by the macOS pandoc installer
# and unregister the package. Modified from a script contributed
# by Daniel T. Staal.