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+% MARKDOWN2PDF(1) Pandoc User Manuals
+% John MacFarlane and Recai Oktas
+% January 8, 2008
+markdown2pdf - converts markdown-formatted text to PDF, using pdflatex
+markdown2pdf [*options*] [*input-file*]...
+`markdown2pdf` converts *input-file* (or text from standard
+input) from markdown-formatted plain text to PDF, using `pdflatex`.
+If no output filename is specified (using the `-o` option),
+the name of the output file is derived from the input file; thus, for
+example, if the input file is *hello.txt*, the output file will be
+*hello.pdf*. If the input is read from STDIN and no output filename
+is specified, the output file will be named *stdin.pdf*. If multiple
+input files are specified, they will be concatenated before conversion,
+and the name of the output file will be derived from the first input file.
+Input is assumed to be in the UTF-8 character encoding. If your
+local character encoding is not UTF-8, you should pipe input
+through `iconv`:
+ iconv -t utf-8 input.txt | markdown2pdf
+`markdown2pdf` assumes that the `unicode`, `array`, `fancyvrb`,
+`graphicx`, and `ulem` packages are in latex's search path. If these
+packages are not included in your latex setup, they can be obtained from
+`markdown2pdf` is a wrapper around `pandoc`, so all of
+`pandoc`'s options can be used with `markdown2pdf` as well.
+See `pandoc`(1) for a complete list.
+The following options are most relevant:
+-o *FILE*, \--output=*FILE*
+: Write output to *FILE*.
+: Use strict markdown syntax, with no extensions or variants.
+-N, \--number-sections
+: Number section headings in LaTeX output. (Default is not to number them.)
+-H *FILE*, \--include-in-header=*FILE*
+: Include (LaTeX) contents of *FILE* at the end of the header. Implies
+ `-s`.
+-B *FILE*, \--include-before-body=*FILE*
+: Include (LaTeX) contents of *FILE* at the beginning of the document body.
+-A *FILE*, \--include-after-body=*FILE*
+: Include (LaTeX) contents of *FILE* at the end of the document body.
+-C *FILE*, \--custom-header=*FILE*
+: Use contents of *FILE*
+ as the LaTeX document header (overriding the default header, which can be
+ printed using `pandoc -D latex`). Implies `-s`.
+`pandoc`(1), `pdflatex`(1)