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See `pandoc`(1) for a complete list.
The following options are most relevant:
--o *FILE*, --output=*FILE*
+-o *FILE*, \--output=*FILE*
: Write output to *FILE*.
: Use strict markdown syntax, with no extensions or variants.
--N, --number-sections
+-N, \--number-sections
: Number section headings in LaTeX output. (Default is not to number them.)
--H *FILE*, --include-in-header=*FILE*
+-H *FILE*, \--include-in-header=*FILE*
: Include (LaTeX) contents of *FILE* at the end of the header. Implies
--B *FILE*, --include-before-body=*FILE*
+-B *FILE*, \--include-before-body=*FILE*
: Include (LaTeX) contents of *FILE* at the beginning of the document body.
--A *FILE*, --include-after-body=*FILE*
+-A *FILE*, \--include-after-body=*FILE*
: Include (LaTeX) contents of *FILE* at the end of the document body.
--C *FILE*, --custom-header=*FILE*
+-C *FILE*, \--custom-header=*FILE*
: Use contents of *FILE*
as the LaTeX document header (overriding the default header, which can be
printed using `pandoc -D latex`). Implies `-s`.