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-T *STRING*, \--title-prefix=*STRING*
: Specify *STRING* as a prefix to the HTML window title.
+: Specify bibliography database to be used in resolving
+ citations. The database type will be determined from the
+ extension of *FILE*, which may be `.xml` (MODS format),
+ `.bib` (BibTeX format), or `.json` (citeproc JSON).
+: Specify [CSL] style to be used in formatting citations and
+ the bibliography. If *FILE* is not found, pandoc will look
+ for it in
+ $HOME/.csl
+ in unix and
+ C:\Documents And Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\csl
+ in Windows. If the `--csl` option is not specified, pandoc
+ will use a default style: either `default.csl` in the
+ user data directory (see `--data-dir`), or, if that is
+ not present, the Chicago author-date style.
: Specify the user data directory to search for pandoc data files.
If this option is not specified, the default user data directory
@@ -397,3 +419,5 @@ The *README* file distributed with Pandoc contains full documentation.
The Pandoc source code and all documentation may be downloaded from