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diff --git a/src/Text/Pandoc/Readers/TeXMath.hs b/src/Text/Pandoc/Readers/TeXMath.hs
index c24f29585..67dfe6753 100644
--- a/src/Text/Pandoc/Readers/TeXMath.hs
+++ b/src/Text/Pandoc/Readers/TeXMath.hs
@@ -69,6 +69,9 @@ expToInlines (ESymbol t s) = Just $ addSpace t (Str s)
medspace = Str "\x2005"
widespace = Str "\x2004"
expToInlines (EStretchy x) = expToInlines x
+expToInlines (EDelimited start end xs) = do
+ xs' <- mapM expToInlines xs
+ return $ [Str start] ++ concat xs' ++ [Str end]
expToInlines (EGrouped xs) = expsToInlines xs
expToInlines (ESpace "0.167em") = Just [Str "\x2009"]
expToInlines (ESpace "0.222em") = Just [Str "\x2005"]
@@ -94,10 +97,10 @@ expToInlines (ESubsup x y z) = do
expToInlines (EDown x y) = expToInlines (ESub x y)
expToInlines (EUp x y) = expToInlines (ESuper x y)
expToInlines (EDownup x y z) = expToInlines (ESubsup x y z)
-expToInlines (EText "normal" x) = Just [Str x]
-expToInlines (EText "bold" x) = Just [Strong [Str x]]
-expToInlines (EText "monospace" x) = Just [Code nullAttr x]
-expToInlines (EText "italic" x) = Just [Emph [Str x]]
+expToInlines (EText TextNormal x) = Just [Str x]
+expToInlines (EText TextBold x) = Just [Strong [Str x]]
+expToInlines (EText TextMonospace x) = Just [Code nullAttr x]
+expToInlines (EText TextItalic x) = Just [Emph [Str x]]
expToInlines (EText _ x) = Just [Str x]
expToInlines (EOver (EGrouped [EIdentifier [c]]) (ESymbol Accent [accent])) =
case accent of