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@@ -57,13 +57,11 @@ To see what pandoc can do, see the [demonstration page](examples.html).
# Downloads
For installation instructions for all architectures, see
+[INSTALL](INSTALL.html). Note that pandoc is in the MacPorts,
+[Debian unstable], and [FreeBSD ports] repositories.
- [Source tarball]
- [Windows binary package]
-- [MacPorts Portfile]
-- [FreeBSD port]
-- [Debian linux package] (thanks to Recai OktaƟ)
# Code repository
@@ -157,9 +155,8 @@ kind.
[Source tarball]: "Download source tarball from Pandoc's Google Code site"
[MacOS X binary package]: "Download Mac OS X disk image from Pandoc's Google Code site"
[Windows binary package]: "Download Windows zip file from Pandoc's Google Code site"
-[MacPorts Portfile]: Portfile
-[Debian linux package]:
-[FreeBSD port]:
+[Debian unstable]:
+[FreeBSD ports]:
[changelog]: changelog