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* Added *~ and *.pyc to .gitignore.John MacFarlane2013-08-16
* Add to Git ignores temporary files generate in Windows build.Fyodor Sheremetyev2013-03-15
* Revert "Added built man pages to repository."John MacFarlane2011-10-23
* Added built man pages to repository.John MacFarlane2011-10-23
* update gitignoreAntoine Latter2011-09-02
* Update .gitignore.Ilya V. Portnov2010-07-19
* Include shell scripts themselves in repo, rather than generating from wrappers.fiddlosopher2008-08-09
* Updated .gitignore to exclude README.Debian.fiddlosopher2008-07-10
* Added .gitignore.fiddlosopher2008-03-19