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* .gitmodule: Use https rather than git URL.John MacFarlane2013-01-25
| | | | iThis helps people behind firewalls.
* Moved all data files and templates to data/.John MacFarlane2012-12-29
* Use git://, not ssh, for submodules.John MacFarlane2011-07-28
* Revert "Use non-ssh-requiring URL for templates submodule."John MacFarlane2011-07-28
| | | | This reverts commit ba1fd70b471e953714ace9d0040f78f3c06e828a.
* Use non-ssh-requiring URL for templates submodule.John MacFarlane2011-07-28
* Added templates as a git submodule.John MacFarlane2011-07-19
This should make it easier for people to track updates to their custom templates.