Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* More updates to macos/stack.yaml.John MacFarlane2017-02-12
* pandoc.cabal: use cpphs if embed_data_files and darwin.John MacFarlane2017-02-12
* stack.yamls: Use lts-8.0.John MacFarlane2017-02-12
* Comment out instruction to use cpphs in macos stack.yaml.John MacFarlane2017-02-12
* Merge pull request #3438 from ilabdsf/org-anchor-linksAlbert Krewinkel2017-02-12
| * Do not strip # from Org anchor linksAlexander Krotov2017-02-12
| * Add Org writer unit testsAlexander Krotov2017-02-12
* Rename logMessagesToJSON -> encodeLogMessages.John MacFarlane2017-02-11
* RST reader: Support `.. line-block` directive.John MacFarlane2017-02-11
* RST reader/writer: properly handle table captions.John MacFarlane2017-02-11
* RST reader: Initial support of .. table directive.John MacFarlane2017-02-11
* Fixed small bug in RST list parsing.John MacFarlane2017-02-11
* Logging: export logMessagesToJSON.John MacFarlane2017-02-11
* Added --log option to save log messages in JSON format to a file.John MacFarlane2017-02-11
* Save all log messages in state.John MacFarlane2017-02-11
* HTML writer: report when not rendering raw inline/block.John MacFarlane2017-02-11
* Use new warnings throughout the code base.John MacFarlane2017-02-11
* Logging: added ToJSON instance and showLogMessage.John MacFarlane2017-02-10
* Added Text.Pandoc.Logging (exported module).John MacFarlane2017-02-10
* LaTeX reader: Improved messages for skipped environments.John MacFarlane2017-02-10
* LaTeX reader: Improved warning messages for unknown commands.John MacFarlane2017-02-10
* HTML reader: Added warnings for ignored material.John MacFarlane2017-02-10
* LaTeX reader: Issue warnings when skipping unknown latex commands.John MacFarlane2017-02-09
* Reverted deferred media bag code.John MacFarlane2017-02-09
* LaTeX reader: support `\lstinputlisting`.John MacFarlane2017-02-08
* RST reader: Improved admonition support.John MacFarlane2017-02-07
* Refactored some files formerly in LaTeX reader.John MacFarlane2017-02-07
* Moved readFileFromDirs to Text.Pandoc.Class.John MacFarlane2017-02-07
* Refactored include file handling in LaTeX reader.John MacFarlane2017-02-07
* Makefile: make version overridable.John MacFarlane2017-02-07
* Use latest pandoc-citeproc dev in stack builds.John MacFarlane2017-02-07
* Update dev version of pandoc-citeproc in stack.yaml.John MacFarlane2017-02-07
* Use latest dev version of pandoc-citeproc.John MacFarlane2017-02-07
* Removed --parse-raw and readerParseRaw.John MacFarlane2017-02-06
* default.beamer changes (Thomas Hodgson):John MacFarlane2017-02-06
* Fix importJohn MacFarlane2017-02-06
* Changed year on copyright message.John MacFarlane2017-02-06
* Consolidated file arguments into Opt.John MacFarlane2017-02-06
* Further refactoring of App.John MacFarlane2017-02-06
* Use unicode-math by default in default.latex template.John MacFarlane2017-02-06
* Removed another redundant import.John MacFarlane2017-02-06
* Fix an unneeded import warning.John MacFarlane2017-02-05
* Handle language in inline code with --listings.John MacFarlane2017-02-05
* Split pandoc.hs into a module, Text.Pandoc.App, and a small program.John MacFarlane2017-02-05
* pandoc.hs: make reader and writer Maybe values in Opt.John MacFarlane2017-02-05
* Makefile: added BRANCH variable for winpkgJohn MacFarlane2017-02-05
* Removed redundant import.John MacFarlane2017-02-05
* Allow user to specify User-Agent (#3421)Thenaesh Elango2017-02-05
* More simplification of pandoc.hs.John MacFarlane2017-02-05
* More simplification of Opt in pandoc.hs.John MacFarlane2017-02-04