Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Changed writerEpubMetadata to a Maybe String.John MacFarlane2017-02-04
* More simplification of Opt in pandoc.hs.John MacFarlane2017-02-04
* More smart escaping tests.John MacFarlane2017-02-04
* Improved escaping in RST writer with smart option.John MacFarlane2017-02-04
* Consolidated some common functions in Tests.Helper.John MacFarlane2017-02-04
* Added first command test to cabal metadata and repo.John MacFarlane2017-02-04
* Org writer: reduce to two spaces after bulletsAlbert Krewinkel2017-02-04
* Added new test framework Tests.Command.John MacFarlane2017-02-04
* Markdown writer: Better escaping when +smart.John MacFarlane2017-02-04
* Expose setVerbosity in Text.PandocJohn MacFarlane2017-02-04
* Added skeleton for Tests.Command.John MacFarlane2017-02-04
* Moved tests/ -> test/.John MacFarlane2017-02-04
* Implemented +/-smart in rst writer.John MacFarlane2017-02-04
* Small revision to deprecation message for --old-dashes.John MacFarlane2017-02-04
* Simplified Opt structure in cli option parsing.John MacFarlane2017-02-04
* Better error messages for removed options.John MacFarlane2017-02-04
* Added TODO comment.John MacFarlane2017-02-04
* Docx reader: handle local namespace declarations.John MacFarlane2017-02-03
* Manual: Mention limitations of Literate Haskell Support (#3413)Joachim Breitner2017-02-03
* Docx reader: Don't drop smartTag contents.John MacFarlane2017-02-03
* HTML and DocBook writers: fix internal links with writerIdentifierPrefix opt ...Mauro Bieg2017-02-03
* Org.hs: remove misleading commentAlexander Krotov2017-02-02
* Added skeletons for docs on customizing pandoc and using pandoc API.John MacFarlane2017-02-01
* Added deb/.vagrant to gitignoreJohn MacFarlane2017-02-01
* Reduce state in Org writer (#3404)Alexander Krotov2017-02-01
* - install cpphs if not present.John MacFarlane2017-01-31
* stack.yaml - use latest skylighting.John MacFarlane2017-01-31
* Name change OSX -> MacOS.John MacFarlane2017-01-31
* Version bounds: require skylighting, bump bounds for blaze-*.John MacFarlane2017-01-31
* Update test output for skylighting >= MacFarlane2017-01-31
* Windows builds: removed -S option from pandoc invocations.John MacFarlane2017-01-30
* `--mathml` and MathML in HTMLMathMethod longer take an argument.John MacFarlane2017-01-30
* stack.yamls: Updated commit of pandoc-citeproc to build against.John MacFarlane2017-01-30
* stack.yamls: Updated commit of pandoc-citeproc to build against.John MacFarlane2017-01-30
* Make epub an alias for epub3, not epub2.John MacFarlane2017-01-30
* Use dev pandoc-citeproc in windows,osx,deb/stack.yaml.John MacFarlane2017-01-30
* Fixed some compiler warnings in tests.John MacFarlane2017-01-30
* Merge branch 'typeclass'John MacFarlane2017-01-29
| * Use latest master HEAD for templates.John MacFarlane2017-01-29
| * Removed some old commented-out code.John MacFarlane2017-01-28
| * Rely on skylighting MacFarlane2017-01-28
| * LaTeX writer: export writeBeamer.John MacFarlane2017-01-28
| * HTML: export separate functions for slide formats.John MacFarlane2017-01-27
| * Shared: rename compactify', compactify'DL -> compactify, compactifyDL.John MacFarlane2017-01-27
| * Removed Shared.compactify.John MacFarlane2017-01-27
| * benchmark: allow benchmark arguments.John MacFarlane2017-01-27
| * Fix up benchmarks so they compile.John MacFarlane2017-01-27
| * Expose FileTree in ClassJohn MacFarlane2017-01-27
| * HTML writer: export writeHtmlStringForEPUB.John MacFarlane2017-01-27
| * Split writeDocbook into writeDocbook4, writeDocbook5.John MacFarlane2017-01-26