Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* Version bump to 1.14.1.John MacFarlane2015-06-28
* Fixed regression in CSS parsing with `--self-contained`.John MacFarlane2015-06-28
* New pandoc.wxs.John MacFarlane2015-06-27
* Removed unused import.John MacFarlane2015-06-27
* Textile writer: escape `+` and `-` as entities.John MacFarlane2015-06-27
* Plain writer: don't use symbols for super/subscript.John MacFarlane2015-06-27
* Options: Export `plainExtensions`.John MacFarlane2015-06-27
* Updated latex writer tests for last template change.John MacFarlane2015-06-27
* Updated LaTeX template: `CJKoptions` variable, allow dvipsnames for colors.John MacFarlane2015-06-27
* Merge pull request #2241 from mb21/docbook-reader-figuresJohn MacFarlane2015-06-26
| * DocBook reader mediaobjects and figures, closes #2184mb212015-06-21
* Document CJKmainfont.John MacFarlane2015-06-13
* Added CJKmainfont to latex template (Xavier Olive).John MacFarlane2015-06-13
* epub templates: use 'author.role', not 'author.type'.John MacFarlane2015-06-13
* Updated pandoc.wxs (from @nvalki).John MacFarlane2015-06-12
* Fixed tests/docx/links.docx for new url.John MacFarlane2015-06-09
* Merge pull request #2217 from ousia/masterJohn MacFarlane2015-06-09
| * replace old url with pandoc.orgPablo Rodríguez2015-06-09
* Amends last commit: don't use https for google charts.John MacFarlane2015-06-09
* Use https: for mathjax/katex/google-charts CDNs.John MacFarlane2015-06-09
* Merge pull request #2215 from DigitalPublishingToolkit/icml-crashfixJohn MacFarlane2015-06-09
| * Fix InDesign crash with URLs containing more than one colon charactergohai2015-06-09
* | Removed relann1.6.John MacFarlane2015-06-09
* Bump cmark version to >= 0.3.4.John MacFarlane2015-06-08
* DokuWiki writer: Use proper `<code>` tags for code blocks.John MacFarlane2015-06-07
* HTML reader: allow `<body>` to close `<head>`.John MacFarlane2015-06-04
* Windows msi changes (nkalvi):John MacFarlane2015-06-03
* Updated changelog.John MacFarlane2015-06-02
* Version bump to, added commonmark template to data files.John MacFarlane2015-06-02
* Added default commonmark template.John MacFarlane2015-06-02
* Misc. fixes to trypandoc html.John MacFarlane2015-06-02
* trypandoc: move Convert button, display raw command.John MacFarlane2015-06-02
* Bump version to; updated changelog.John MacFarlane2015-06-01
* Allow compilation with syb 0.5.*.John MacFarlane2015-05-31
* Custom writer: fixed some compiler warnings for ghc < 7.10.John MacFarlane2015-05-31
* Bump to, updated changelog.John MacFarlane2015-05-31
* Allow building with hslua 0.4.John MacFarlane2015-05-31
* Updated INSTALL.John MacFarlane2015-05-28
* Updated changelog.John MacFarlane2015-05-28
* Better fix for #2187.John MacFarlane2015-05-28
* ConTeXt writer: Add reference anchors to Div with ids.John MacFarlane2015-05-28
* Removed tab chars in Textile reader source.John MacFarlane2015-05-28
* Texinfo writer: Removed tabs from source.John MacFarlane2015-05-28
* More fixes to make-windows-installer for #2187.John MacFarlane2015-05-28
* Updated INSTALL on `embed_data_files`.John MacFarlane2015-05-28
* Updated changelog.John MacFarlane2015-05-28
* Ensure that docx and odt are built in windows installer.John MacFarlane2015-05-28
* Added filepath dependency to make-reference-files.John MacFarlane2015-05-28
* Bump version to MacFarlane2015-05-28
* make-reference-files: use proper path separators for Windows.John MacFarlane2015-05-28