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* update manual accordinglyKolenCheung2016-10-09
* removed mmd raw_tex in src/Text/Pandoc/Options.hsKolenCheung2016-10-09
* add a temp file to keep track of all files involving markdown_mmd and multima...KolenCheung2016-10-09
* Added a small clarification on --webtex with Markdown output.John MacFarlane2016-10-06
* fix typoKolenCheung2016-10-06
* Replace Google Chart API by CodeCogsKolenCheung2016-10-06
* Docx writer: Move one more env var to Reader monadJesse Rosenthal2016-10-05
* Docx writer: code legibility fixups.Jesse Rosenthal2016-10-05
* Docx writer: Clean up and streamline RTL behaviorJesse Rosenthal2016-10-04
* Docx writer: move a couple more vars to ReaderTJesse Rosenthal2016-10-04
* Merge pull request #3141 from ickc/masterJohn MacFarlane2016-10-04
| * Update KaTeX to v0.6.0KolenCheung2016-10-03
* Clean up commented-out codeJesse Rosenthal2016-10-03
* Remove bool on setRTL.Jesse Rosenthal2016-10-03
* Filter text/para props correctly.Jesse Rosenthal2016-10-03
* Add a boolean flag to the setRTL function.Jesse Rosenthal2016-10-03
* Test for "dir" metadata.Jesse Rosenthal2016-10-03
* Add setRTL and setLTR functions.Jesse Rosenthal2016-10-03
* Move more enviroment vars to Reader Monad.Jesse Rosenthal2016-10-03
* Add ReaderT env to the docx writer:Jesse Rosenthal2016-10-03
* MediaWiki writer: transform filename with underscores in images.John MacFarlane2016-10-02
* EPUB writer: use stringify instead of plain writer for metadata.John MacFarlane2016-10-02
* AsciiDoc writer: avoid unnecessary use of "unconstrained" emphasis.John MacFarlane2016-10-02
* Revert overhasty bounds change for pandoc-types.John MacFarlane2016-10-02
* Use doctemplates MacFarlane2016-10-02
* Removed unneeded stack.hsb2hs.yaml.John MacFarlane2016-10-02
* Use doctemplates MacFarlane2016-10-02
* Added doctemplates to stack.lts6.yaml.John MacFarlane2016-10-02
* Moved template compiling/rendering code to a separate library.John MacFarlane2016-10-02
* Removed cabal 1.16 cruft from .travis.yml.John MacFarlane2016-10-01
* Merge pull request #3136 from nichtich/patch-1John MacFarlane2016-09-30
| * Execute .js filters with nodeJakob Voß2016-09-30
* Update changelog.John MacFarlane2016-09-28
* Markdown reader: added bracket syntax for native spans.John MacFarlane2016-09-28
* Updated test suite.John MacFarlane2016-09-28
* Updated changelogJohn MacFarlane2016-09-28
* LaTeX template: use footnote package to fix notes in tables.John MacFarlane2016-09-28
* revealjs template: Added `notes-server` option (Yoan Blanc).John MacFarlane2016-09-28
* Updated changelog.John MacFarlane2016-09-28
* LaTeX template: set default figure placement.John MacFarlane2016-09-28
* Merge pull request #3093 from wilx/master-figure-placementJohn MacFarlane2016-09-28
| * LaTeX: Do not set [htbp] figure placement options.Vaclav Zeman2016-08-29
* | Whitespace fixes.John MacFarlane2016-09-28
* | Update MANUAL.txt for new filter behavior.Jesse Rosenthal2016-09-27
* | Check `$DATADIR/filters` for filtersJesse Rosenthal2016-09-27
* | Updated man page and MANUAL date.John MacFarlane2016-09-26
* | USe latest pandoc-citeproc in binary package stack.yaml.John MacFarlane2016-09-25
* | Use p tags for subtitle, author, date in epub, revealjs, slidy templates.John MacFarlane2016-09-25
* | HTML template: use p instead of h1 for subtitle, author, date.John MacFarlane2016-09-25
* | Updated changelog.John MacFarlane2016-09-23