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* Setup.hs: Better way of handling man page building.John MacFarlane2013-10-06
* Removed code that forces MathJax to typeset.John MacFarlane2013-10-06
* Require pandoc-types >= MacFarlane2013-10-01
* Require pandoc-types >= 1.12.2.John MacFarlane2013-09-29
* LaTeX reader: Parse {groups} as Span.John MacFarlane2013-09-28
* Merge branch 'master' of MacFarlane2013-09-24
| * Updated opendocument tests.John MacFarlane2013-09-24
| * OpenDocument writer: don't use font-face-decls variable.John MacFarlane2013-09-24
| * Merge pull request #995 from wilx/masterJohn MacFarlane2013-09-24
| |\
| | * src/Text/Pandoc/Writers/OpenDocument.hs: Fix formatting of strikeout code.Václav Zeman2013-09-25
| |/
* | Bump version to and update changelog.John MacFarlane2013-09-20
* | Removed stringable as a dependency. IT is not used.John MacFarlane2013-09-20
* Updated RELEASE-CHECKLIST with github releases.John MacFarlane2013-09-20
* Added --force in make-windows-installer.bat.John MacFarlane2013-09-20
* make_osx_package: small code cleanup.John MacFarlane2013-09-20
* Updated changelog.John MacFarlane2013-09-20
* Version bump to MacFarlane2013-09-20
* Don't use unicode_collation in building OSX package.John MacFarlane2013-09-19
* Added something on unicode_collation to INSTALL.John MacFarlane2013-09-19
* Added small explanation of difference btw `-M` and `-V`.John MacFarlane2013-09-19
* Documented `--metadata` change.John MacFarlane2013-09-19
* Handle Boolean values in `--metadata`.John MacFarlane2013-09-19
* Markdown reader: small code improvement.John MacFarlane2013-09-19
* LaTeX writer: Don't print biblio if --natbib or --biblatex option used.John MacFarlane2013-09-19
* DOCX writer: Add missing settings.xml to the zip container.John MacFarlane2013-09-19
* Fixed reference slides.John MacFarlane2013-09-18
* More informative error when a filter is not found in path.John MacFarlane2013-09-17
* Allow `--metadata` to be repeated for the same key to form a list.John MacFarlane2013-09-17
* Depend on pandoc-types 1.12.1.John MacFarlane2013-09-17
* Add dylibs needed for text-icu.John MacFarlane2013-09-17
* Fixed typo in changelog: pandoc-citations -> pandoc-citeproc.John MacFarlane2013-09-16
* Declare alex and happy as build-tools.John MacFarlane2013-09-16
* Minor formatting change on changelog.John MacFarlane2013-09-15
* Markdown reader: unresolved citations fall back to original text.John MacFarlane2013-09-14
* Typo in changelog.John MacFarlane2013-09-14
* changelog: Added some citation-related entries.John MacFarlane2013-09-14
* Further fixes to MacFarlane2013-09-14
* Windows: make citation support a separable component.John MacFarlane2013-09-14
* Updated windows installer batch file.John MacFarlane2013-09-14
* Updated MacFarlane2013-09-14
* More robust check for '-F pandoc-filters', allowing pathnames.John MacFarlane2013-09-14
* README: Added link to lua.John MacFarlane2013-09-13
* Markdown writer: Print references if output is 'plain'.John MacFarlane2013-09-12
* HTML writer: Ensure proper escaping in header metadata.John MacFarlane2013-09-12
* Updated README on pandocfilters python module.John MacFarlane2013-09-11
* Changed pandocfilters repository URL.John MacFarlane2013-09-11
* Updated changelog.John MacFarlane2013-09-11
* Mediawiki: Parse an image + caption in a para by itself as a figure.John MacFarlane2013-09-11
* `--bibliography` again implies `-F pandoc-citeproc`.John MacFarlane2013-09-10
* benchmark: Remove haddock (no writer to create reader input).John MacFarlane2013-09-10