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* Changed Setup.hs so it can build man pages again.fiddlosopher2009-12-31
* Fixed lhs test cases.fiddlosopher2009-07-03
* Setup.hs: replace readProcess with something more portable.fiddlosopher2009-02-27
* Made Setup.hs compatible with Cabal < 1.6.fiddlosopher2009-02-26
* Check to see if highlighting supported and run lhs tests if it is.fiddlosopher2009-02-14
* Fixed Setup.hs so correct status is returned after build.fiddlosopher2008-10-27
* Have "runhaskell Setup test" return an error status if tests fail.fiddlosopher2008-09-22
* Reworked Text.Pandoc.ODT to use zip-archive instead of calling external 'zip'.fiddlosopher2008-09-04
* Removed PDF writer from core pandoc, restored markdown2pdf.fiddlosopher2008-08-27
* Simplified and improved UTF8 handling:fiddlosopher2008-08-14
* Use -S option when building man pages in Setup.hs.fiddlosopher2008-08-10
* Removed markdown2pdf and all references to it.fiddlosopher2008-08-10
* Moved more of the build process from Makefile to Setup.hs:fiddlosopher2008-08-09
* Added preconfigure hook to build reference.odt if missing.fiddlosopher2008-08-09
* Rewrote test suite so it doesn't depend on perl or unix tools.fiddlosopher2008-08-09
* Simplified build process using template haskell.fiddlosopher2008-08-01
* Compatibility fixes for CPP, Cabal, and haddock:fiddlosopher2008-07-31
* Setup.hs: Use simpleUserHooks rather than deprecated defaultUserHooks.fiddlosopher2008-07-31
* Simplified Setup.hs by removing PostClean hooks.fiddlosopher2008-07-31
* Use CPP to simplify build procedure for Highlighting.hs module.fiddlosopher2008-07-31
* Renamed default headers with .header extension; have Setup.hs look for these.fiddlosopher2008-02-09
* Added build option for syntax highlighting, with *optional* dependency on hig...fiddlosopher2008-02-09
* Modified Setup.hs with new location for DefaultHeaders.hs.fiddlosopher2008-02-09
* Moved Text.Pandoc.Writers.DefaultHeaders -> Text.Pandoc.DefaultHeaders.fiddlosopher2008-02-09
* Incorporated templates phase into Setup.hs and improved templates.fiddlosopher2008-02-09
* * The previous fix was wrong. Apply a proper fix and cross the fingers. :-)roktas2007-09-03
* * Urgent fix to address the following issue:roktas2007-09-03
* Merge trunk with ghc66-branch.roktas2006-10-28
* initial importfiddlosopher2006-10-17