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* benchmark - removed kludge we needed before CommonMark writer.John MacFarlane2015-03-30
* Merge branch 'errortype' of into mpicker...John MacFarlane2015-03-28
| * Update benchmarksMatthew Pickering2015-02-18
* | Added CommonMark reader using cmark (libcmark bindings).John MacFarlane2015-03-17
* benchmark: use only test suite for benchmark.John MacFarlane2014-08-01
* Use nfIO in benchmark instead of getLength trick.John MacFarlane2014-08-01
* Make benchmarks compile again.Artyom Kazak2014-08-01
* Update copyright notices for 2014, add missing noticesAlbert Krewinkel2014-05-09
* benchmark: Remove haddock (no writer to create reader input).John MacFarlane2013-09-10
* Revised benchmark for new metadata.John MacFarlane2013-06-25
* Use aeson for json.John MacFarlane2013-06-24
* Updated benchmark code for changes in Text.Pandoc.John MacFarlane2013-01-04
* Fixed benchmark file to find documentation files.John MacFarlane2012-12-29
* Data files changes.John MacFarlane2012-12-29
* Changes to literate haskell options.John MacFarlane2012-08-08
* Benchmark: default to sample size of 20 for speed.John MacFarlane2012-07-27
* Use README + testsuite in benchmarks.John MacFarlane2012-07-27
* Moved WriterOptions and associated types Shared -> Options.John MacFarlane2012-07-26
* Added type signature.John MacFarlane2012-07-26
* Integrated benchmark into cabal.John MacFarlane2012-07-26