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* Added a few abbreviations and sorted the list. (#3984)Wandmalfarbe2017-11-03
* Improved support for columns in HTML.John MacFarlane2017-11-02
* HTML Writer: consistently use dashed class-namesmb212017-10-31
* pandoc.lua: define default list attributesAlbert Krewinkel2017-10-25
* pandoc.lua: destructure attr for Link and ImageAlbert Krewinkel2017-10-17
* pandoc.lua: throw better error when pipe command failsAlbert Krewinkel2017-10-05
* Merge pull request #3951 from greut/patch-1John MacFarlane2017-10-03
| * Load Google Font using HTTPS by defaultYoan Blanc2017-10-03
* | pandoc.lua: use wrapper funciton for pipe commandAlbert Krewinkel2017-10-03
* | Lua.PandocModule: promote addFunction to top levelAlbert Krewinkel2017-10-03
* Move 'tables in footnotes' fix out of beamer part of default.latex.John MacFarlane2017-09-12
* Support for PDF generation via `weasyprint` and `prince` (#3909)Mauro Bieg2017-09-11
* Write euro symbol directly in LaTeXAndrew Dunning2017-09-08
* Removed old beamer template.John MacFarlane2017-09-08
* Use starred versions of xcolor namesAndrew Dunning2017-09-08
* Merge branch 'master' into patch-1Andrew Dunning2017-09-08
| * LaTeX template: load polyglossia after header-includes.John MacFarlane2017-09-07
| * Merge pull request #3885 from tarleb/lua-module-docsJohn MacFarlane2017-09-07
| |\
| | * data/pandoc.lua: fix typos in documentationAlbert Krewinkel2017-08-31
* | | Use xcolor for colorlinks optionAndrew Dunning2017-09-07
* | | Combine LaTeX/Beamer templatesAndrew Dunning2017-08-26
|/ /
* | Allow setting Japanese fonts when using LuaLaTeX (#3873)Václav Haisman2017-08-25
* Text.Pandoc.Lua: support Inline and Block catch-allsAlbert Krewinkel2017-08-22
* Small improvement to #3855 - move lang attribute up.John MacFarlane2017-08-21
* docbook5 template: use lang and subtitle variables (#3855)Jens Getreu2017-08-21
* data/pandoc.lua: fix documentationAlbert Krewinkel2017-08-21
* data/pandoc.lua: Include Pandoc, Meta in implicit filtersAlbert Krewinkel2017-08-21
* Implement multicolumn support for slide formats.John MacFarlane2017-08-14
* Fix hyperref options clash (#3847)Andrew Dunning2017-08-14
* Added Listing to Term.John MacFarlane2017-08-12
* Added new translations.John MacFarlane2017-08-12
* Change to yaml for translation files.John MacFarlane2017-08-12
* Added de.trans.John MacFarlane2017-08-11
* Added support for translations (localization) (see #3559).John MacFarlane2017-08-11
* data/pandoc.lua: regularize constructors.John MacFarlane2017-06-29
* LaTeX template: added `natbiboptions` variable.John MacFarlane2017-06-28
* data/pandoc.lua: add accessors to Table elementsAlbert Krewinkel2017-06-27
* Removed redundant element from data/docx/word/numbering.xml.John MacFarlane2017-06-27
* Support `--toc` in `opendocument`/`odt`.John MacFarlane2017-06-26
* Use `table-of-contents` for contents of toc, make `toc` a boolean.John MacFarlane2017-06-26
* latex template: fix typo in fix for notes in tables.John MacFarlane2017-06-20
* Added Vimwiki reader (#3705).Yuchen Pei2017-06-19
* Use revealjs's math plugin for mathjax.John MacFarlane2017-06-18
* Added aspectratio variable to beamer template (#3723).Václav Haisman2017-06-05
* Docx writer: Use Table rather than "Table Normal" for table style.John MacFarlane2017-05-25
* modified template.latex to fix XeLaTex being used with tables (#3661)lwolfsonkin2017-05-18
* Docx writer: Change FigureWithCaption to CaptionedFigure (#3658)Ian2017-05-18
* Lua module: allow omitting Attr in element constructorsAlbert Krewinkel2017-05-18
* LaTeX: Load `parskip` before `hyperref`. (#3654)Václav Haisman2017-05-09
* Fix links inside captions in LaTeX output with links-as-notes.Václav Haisman2017-05-08