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* Added --mathml option; removed Text.Pandoc.LaTeXMathML.fiddlosopher2010-03-18
* Moved data/ui -> s5. Added note on this in README.fiddlosopher2010-01-01
* Added --reference-odt option.fiddlosopher2009-12-31
* Removed old data/templates directory.fiddlosopher2009-12-31
* Indented and line-broke styles.xml so it can be modified more easily.fiddlosopher2009-12-31
* Added newline at end of LaTeXMathML script.fiddlosopher2009-12-31
* Moved odt-styles -> odt. Changed ODT module to look at user data first.fiddlosopher2009-12-31
* Add legacy-header to LaTeX template.fiddlosopher2009-12-31
* Renamed headers -> templates.fiddlosopher2009-12-31
* LaTeX header: fixes for xetex and header-includes.fiddlosopher2009-12-31
* Revised LaTeX writer to use templates.fiddlosopher2009-12-31
* LaTeX header: Use fixed-width font for Haskell code.fiddlosopher2008-12-02
* Add definition of code environment to LaTeX header.fiddlosopher2008-12-02
* Support horizontal rules in OpenDocument and ODT writers.fiddlosopher2008-11-01
* Corrected mispelling (Defnition) in odt styles.xml.fiddlosopher2008-11-01
* Moved odt-styles/ to data/. Removed unneeded variable in Makefile.fiddlosopher2008-09-23
* Support for display math; changed ASCIIMathML -> LaTeXMathML:fiddlosopher2008-08-13
* Simplified build process using template haskell.fiddlosopher2008-08-01
* Reverted back to state as of r1062. The template haskell changesfiddlosopher2007-11-03
* Use template haskell to avoid the need for templates:fiddlosopher2007-11-03