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* Use pandoc to create man pages.John MacFarlane2015-06-29
* Add Installed-Size to debian package control file.John MacFarlane2015-01-26
* More tweaks - architecture detection.John MacFarlane2014-12-19
* --force reinstall.John MacFarlane2014-12-19
* - have only copyright, not also COPYING.John MacFarlane2014-12-19
* Fixed typo in MacFarlane2014-12-19
* More lintian improvements to MacFarlane2014-12-19
* fixes:John MacFarlane2014-12-19
* More improvements to debpkg target.John MacFarlane2014-12-17
* Improved MacFarlane2014-12-17
* Changed bindist target to debpkg.John MacFarlane2014-12-17
* Changed make_binary_package -> make_deb.John MacFarlane2014-12-17