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* Added 7.10.3 to make_travis_yml.hs known versions.John MacFarlane2016-01-05
* Travis, make_travis_yml: reverted addition of 'cabal test' in tgz.John MacFarlane2015-11-21
* Back to cabal-based .travis.yml.John MacFarlane2015-11-21
* make_travis_yml.hs: don't suppress -Werror on ghc 7.10.John MacFarlane2015-11-09
* Revert "Give up support for ghc 7.4."John MacFarlane2015-11-09
* Give up support for ghc 7.4.John MacFarlane2015-11-08
* Added comment in .travis.yml to explain last change.John MacFarlane2015-10-09
* Use dist/setup/setup/sdist instead of cabal sdist.John MacFarlane2015-10-09
* Test also on ghc 7.4.2.John MacFarlane2015-10-09
* New .travis.yml.John MacFarlane2015-10-08