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* New method for producing man pages.John MacFarlane2015-06-28
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | This change adds `--man1` and `--man5` options to pandoc, so pandoc can generate its own man pages. It removes the old overly complex method of building a separate executable (but not installing it) just to create the man pages. The man pages are no longer automatically created in the build process. The man/ directory has been removed. The man page templates have been moved to data/. New unexported module: Text.Pandoc.ManPages. Text.Pandoc.Data now exports readmeFile, and `readDataFile` knows how to find README. Closes #2190.
* Put version in lower-left corner of man pages.John MacFarlane2014-08-30
* Revert "Added built man pages to repository."John MacFarlane2011-10-23
| | | | This reverts commit eac1fc3750923698db82011b9fda5a0788dfcfea.
* Added built man pages to repository.John MacFarlane2011-10-23
| | | | | | | In general I don't like adding generated content to the repository, but I also want to make it possible to clone the repository and 'cabal install'. THe current system with Setup.hs calling MakeManPage.hs is too fragile.
* Refactored man pages.John MacFarlane2011-01-28
* Markdown syntax description from README now goes in pandoc_markdown.5. * Refactored man page construction functions, putting more of the work in MakeManPages.hs.