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* New method for building man pages.John MacFarlane2015-07-01
+ Removed `--man1`, `--man5` options (breaking change). + Removed `Text.Pandoc.ManPages` module (breaking API change). + Version bump to 1.15 because of the breaking changes, even though they involve features that have only been in pandoc for a day. + Makefile target for `man/man1/pandoc.1`. This uses pandoc to create the man page from README using a custom template and filters. + Added `man/` directory with template and filters needed to build man page. + We no longer have two man pages: pandoc.1 and pandoc_markdown.5. Now there is just pandoc.1, which has all the content from README. This change was needed because of the extensive cross-references between parts of the README. + Removed old `data/pandoc.1.template` and `data/pandoc_markdown.5.template`.