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* + Changed 'web2markdown' to 'html2markdown'.fiddlosopher2006-12-29
* + Removed the convenience symlinks (which don't work on Windows underfiddlosopher2006-12-28
* Merged changes from branches/wrappers since r177.fiddlosopher2006-12-22
* Merge changes in branches/wrappers into trunk.roktas2006-12-12
* Changes to man files documenting the ' -- ' option.fiddlosopher2006-11-14
* Made wrapper scripts sensitive to PANDOC_OPTS environment variable,fiddlosopher2006-11-12
* Fix all the errors lintian(1) reported:roktas2006-11-03
* Improved man files for pandoc and all wrappers.fiddlosopher2006-11-01
* + Improved man page for pandoc and markdown2pdf.fiddlosopher2006-11-01
* Add "-o | --output" option to markdown2pdf, update man file.roktas2006-10-27
* Wording changes in man files.fiddlosopher2006-10-27
* initial importfiddlosopher2006-10-17