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* Added 'hsmarkdown' wrapper, designed to be used as a drop-infiddlosopher2007-01-02
* Revised uninstall-pandoc with new wrapper names.fiddlosopher2006-12-29
* + Changes to osx/Welcome:fiddlosopher2006-11-08
* Changes related to osx packaging:fiddlosopher2006-11-02
* Removed check for presence of pandoc in uninstall-pandoc; fiddlosopher2006-11-01
* Added uninstall-pandoc script to Mac OS X package.fiddlosopher2006-11-01
* Added uninstall-pandoc script for Mac OS X package.fiddlosopher2006-11-01
* Renamed OSX-Welcome as Welcome.fiddlosopher2006-11-01
* Added osx directory for source files for Mac OS X package,fiddlosopher2006-11-01