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* Updated copyright to include 2017.John MacFarlane2017-01-29
* Bump version to 1.19.2.John MacFarlane2017-01-29
* Use latest skylighting.John MacFarlane2017-01-29
* Fixed trypandoc.John MacFarlane2017-01-29
* Use skylighting 0.1.1.John MacFarlane2017-01-19
* Allow vector MacFarlane2017-01-10
* Allow aeson 1.1.John MacFarlane2017-01-02
* Updates to use skylighting rather than highlighting-kate.John MacFarlane2016-12-23
* Allow directory 1.3. Closes #3325.John MacFarlane2016-12-23
* Version to 1.19.1John MacFarlane2016-12-10
* We no longer need the MathMLInHTML.js shim from 2004!John MacFarlane2016-12-09
* Use new module from texmath to lookup MS font codepoints.John MacFarlane2016-11-30
* Version to 1.19.John MacFarlane2016-11-27
* Added weigh-pandoc for memory usage diagnostics.John MacFarlane2016-11-18
* Version to 1.18.John MacFarlane2016-10-26
* Added, incorporating INSTALL + installing page from website.John MacFarlane2016-10-25
* Allow binary formats to be written to stdout unless tty output.John MacFarlane2016-10-23
* Merge pull request #3158 from ickc/COPY-LICENSEJohn MacFarlane2016-10-19
| * Download markdown version of the license from GNU and rename to ``Kolen Cheung2016-10-19
* | Allow latest HUnit.John MacFarlane2016-10-18
* | Remove Tests.ArbitraryJesse Rosenthal2016-10-14
* | Allow http-client 0.4.30, which is the version in stackage lts.John MacFarlane2016-10-13
* | Bump required pandoc-types version to 1.17Albert Krewinkel2016-10-13
* Revert overhasty bounds change for pandoc-types.John MacFarlane2016-10-02
* Use doctemplates MacFarlane2016-10-02
* Moved template compiling/rendering code to a separate library.John MacFarlane2016-10-02
* Bump to 1.17.3John MacFarlane2016-09-23
* Remove TagSoup compatJesse Rosenthal2016-09-02
* Remove GHC 7.6 from list of tested versionsAlbert Krewinkel2016-09-02
* Bump base lower bound to 4.7Jesse Rosenthal2016-09-02
* Bump base lower bound to 4.6 (ghc 7.6)Jesse Rosenthal2016-09-02
* Change constraint on mtl.Jesse Rosenthal2016-09-02
* Remove directory compatJesse Rosenthal2016-09-02
* Remove Text.Pandoc.Compat.ExceptJesse Rosenthal2016-09-02
* Remove Compat.MonoidJesse Rosenthal2016-09-02
* Org reader: extract meta parsing code to moduleAlbert Krewinkel2016-08-29
* Allow aeson 1.0.*.John MacFarlane2016-08-20
* Use texmath Closes #3040.John MacFarlane2016-07-24
* Rename README to MANUAL.txtAlbert Krewinkel2016-07-20
* Don't require haddock-library 1.4.John MacFarlane2016-07-15
* Require haddock-library >= 1.4.John MacFarlane2016-07-14
* Version to 1.17.2.John MacFarlane2016-07-14
* Allow QuickCheck 2.9.John MacFarlane2016-07-11
* Depend on http-client 0.5, http-client-tls 0.3John MacFarlane2016-07-04
* Org reader: put export setting parser into moduleAlbert Krewinkel2016-07-02
* Added ZimWiki format to documentation and cabal description.Alex Ivkin2016-07-01
* Added Zim Wiki writer, template and tests.Alex Ivkin2016-06-30
* Update texmath lower bound.John MacFarlane2016-06-22
* Allow tagsoup 0.14Felix Yan2016-06-14
* Removed -rtsopts from library stanza.John MacFarlane2016-06-04