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* Re-exposed Text.Pandoc.ASCIIMathML. We need it in Text.Pandoc.Readers.HTML.fiddlosopher2007-08-26
* Bumped version numbers to 0.42 in anticipation of nextfiddlosopher2007-08-23
* Bump version to 0.41.fiddlosopher2007-08-19
* Major code cleanup in all modules. (Removed unneeded imports,fiddlosopher2007-08-15
* Revised package synopsis in pandoc.cabal.fiddlosopher2007-07-16
* Updated package description in pandoc.cabal tofiddlosopher2007-07-15
* Merged branches/context: addition of a ConTeXt writerfiddlosopher2007-07-15
* Fuller package description in pandoc.cabal.fiddlosopher2007-07-12
* Moved Text.ParserCombinators.Pandoc ->fiddlosopher2007-07-09
* Added Maintainer and Copyright fields to pandoc.cabal.fiddlosopher2007-07-07
* Renamed Pandoc.cabal -> pandoc.cabal, for better compatibilityfiddlosopher2007-07-07