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* Added mention of vimwiki raeder more places.John MacFarlane2017-06-20
* Added Vimwiki reader (#3705).Yuchen Pei2017-06-19
* Mention muse reader in README, MANUAL, debian control, cabal description.John MacFarlane2017-06-19
* Add Muse reader (#3620)Alexander Krotov2017-06-19
* Allow QuickCheck 2.10John MacFarlane2017-06-17
* Relax time and process in preparation for GHC 8.2 (#3739)Bartosz Nitka2017-06-17
* Fixed weigh-pandoc for Text readers.John MacFarlane2017-06-10
* Fixed benchmark to work with Text readers.John MacFarlane2017-06-10
* Remove cpphs build requirement -- it is no longer needed.John MacFarlane2017-06-04
* Update criterion upper bound.John MacFarlane2017-05-28
* Improve SVG image size code.Marc Schreiber2017-05-20
* Org reader: put tree parsing code into dedicated moduleAlbert Krewinkel2017-05-16
* Org reader: add basic file inclusion mechanismAlbert Krewinkel2017-05-14
* Remove https flag.John MacFarlane2017-05-07
* API change: move writer functions to Text.Pandoc.WritersAlbert Krewinkel2017-04-26
* API change: move reader functions to Text.Pandoc.ReadersAlbert Krewinkel2017-04-26
* Allow aeson MacFarlane2017-04-22
* Use skylighitng >= 0.3.3.John MacFarlane2017-04-22
* Lua filter: allow shorthand functions for math and quotedAlbert Krewinkel2017-04-14
* Avoid repeating StackValue instances definitionsAlbert Krewinkel2017-04-14
* Extract lua helper functions into Lua.Util moduleAlbert Krewinkel2017-04-14
* Drop dependency on hslua-aesonAlbert Krewinkel2017-04-14
* Ensure correctness of StackValue instancesAlbert Krewinkel2017-04-06
* Merge pull request #3550 from tarleb/lua-readers-submoduleJohn MacFarlane2017-04-03
| * Lua module: add readers submoduleAlbert Krewinkel2017-04-02
* | Revert "Revert "Use file-embed instead of hsb2hs to embed data files.""John MacFarlane2017-04-02
* | Text.Pandoc.App: Throw errors rather than exiting.John MacFarlane2017-04-02
* Allow a theme file as argument to `--highlight-style`.John MacFarlane2017-04-01
* Add JATS to description in pandoc.cabal.John MacFarlane2017-03-30
* Automatically include URI-encoded jats.csl for jats output.John MacFarlane2017-03-30
* Added JATS writer.John MacFarlane2017-03-30
* Added default.jats template.John MacFarlane2017-03-28
* Add auxiliary files for command test for #3530 to pandoc.cabal.John MacFarlane2017-03-27
* Revert "Use file-embed instead of hsb2hs to embed data files."John MacFarlane2017-03-26
* Use file-embed instead of hsb2hs to embed data files.John MacFarlane2017-03-26
* Ensure compatibility with hslua 0.5.*Albert Krewinkel2017-03-24
* Allow creation of pdf via groff ms and pdfroff.John MacFarlane2017-03-23
* Initial addition of groff ms writer.John MacFarlane2017-03-23
* Added two lua test files to extra-source-files in pandoc.cabal.John MacFarlane2017-03-20
* Lua filters (#3514)Albert Krewinkel2017-03-20
* Added test for #256.John MacFarlane2017-03-16
* Add default abbreviations file (data/abbreviations).John MacFarlane2017-03-16
* Removed another unused cabal dependency.John MacFarlane2017-03-15
* Removed some unnecessary build-depends.John MacFarlane2017-03-15
* Use tasty-golden for golden tests in Old.John MacFarlane2017-03-15
* Use tasty for tests rather than test-framework.John MacFarlane2017-03-14
* Better handling of \part in LaTeX.John MacFarlane2017-03-13
* Add Muse writer (#3489)Alexander Krotov2017-03-10
* Expand \newenvironment macros.John MacFarlane2017-03-10
* Require skylighting 0.3.1.John MacFarlane2017-03-04